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BlackRock Interview Experience | Set 1 ( On Campus – Internship)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2016
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Recently BlackRock came to our college for internship. Here I would like to share my wonderful experience. There was one online round and 2-3 F2F interviews.

Round 1
Aptitude questions on time and work, number system, work and wages, ratios etc. They were of easy-medium level but with some time constraint. Attention to detail section consisted of 10 question and just five minutes to solve them. One needs to be really quick and accurate.

Technical Aptitude consisted of a complete section of 35 questions on SQL and 10 questions on C and Data structures mainly trees and traversals. Questions were mostly on finding the output.
Out of 800 students 104 were shortlisted for technical round.

F2F 1(Technical)

The one who took my interview was the Director of BlackRock. He introduced himself and then asked me to do the same. Then it all started with my resume and asked me everything in very depth about projects.
Optimized code of Fibonacci series and explain it from the scratch.
1. What is Internet of Things? (As one of my project was based on that).
2. How do you find a particular word from a given sentence using R? (Again question from one my project). Why you preferred R code over SQL query?
3. He asked me about my internships.
4. Basic question on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
5. How do you find the maximum number from an array without comparing and sorting? (Answered bit manipulations).
6. After all the technical interview part he asked why BlackRock?
7. How will you manage to stay at Gurgaon as they were hiring especially for Gurgaon Campus?
8. Then a little about my family.

After that I was asked to wait for 5-10 minutes and then I was asked to attend the HR round.

F2F 2(HR)

The HR asked me to introduce myself and why I would like to join BlackRock?
1. How will I manage to stay at Gurgaon as my parents are from Karnataka?
2. How was our experience with Technical Interview?
3. Then how do you deal with stress and what are your strengths?
4. How many rejections I faced and what did I learn from them
5. Then he asked me if I had any questions.
6. I asked him to share his experience with BlackRock and his answer was pretty amazing which even made me more excited to work there.
7. He asked me to come the next day at the time of announcement of results.

The results were announced and they selected 16 students and I was one among them. It was like my dream come true.
Overall at the end of the day, it was all my competitive programming experience and Technical knowledge that helped me in those three rounds. I would really like to thank GeeksforGeeks and HackerRank for providing me such a wonderful platform to improve myself.
All the best!!

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