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Blackeye Phishing Tool in Kali Linux

  • Last Updated : 28 Nov, 2021

Blackeye is a powerful open-source tool Phishing Tool. Blackeye is becoming very popular nowadays that is used to do phishing attacks on Target. Blackeye is an easy  Social Engineering Toolkit. Blackeye contains some templates generated by another tool called Blackeye. This tool makes it easy to perform phishing attacks. There is a lot of creativity that they can put into making the email look as legitimate as possible. Blackeye offers phishing templates web pages for 33 popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, GitHub, Yahoo, Protonmail, Spotify, Netflix, Linkedin, WordPress, Origin, Steam, Microsoft, etc. Blackeye also provides an option to use a custom template if someone wants.

Installation and step by step tutorial of Blackeye

Step 1: Open your kali Linux operating system and use the following command to install the tool.

git clone

Step 2: Now use the following command to move into the directory of the tool.

cd blackeye

Step 3: Now use the following command to run the tool.


The tool has been installed successfully now if you want to perform a phishing attack on your victims choose any option from the menu list of the blackeye and blackeye will create the phishing link of the respective website which you can send to your victims. For example, if you choose Instagram choose option 1.

The tool has created some target links use these links and send them to the victim. Once the victim filled his/her id password it will reflect in the terminal.

The user has filled in the details.

You can see that the credentials are visible in the terminal.

Example: Use the blackeye tool to get credentials of google account.

Step 1: Choose option 6.


Step 2: Send the ngrok link to the victim. Once he/she adds his/her account details it will be reflected on the terminal.

Step 3: You can see the tool has found credentials.

Similarly, you perform experiments using the blackeye tool. The tool is free to use.

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