Binary operation symbols in LaTeX

Binary Operation Symbols are used to write and represent various binary operations such as star, union, intersection etc. on sets or numbers or in Boolean algebra. Thus, these symbols are of great importance. Our keyboard doesn’t have these symbols directly so we need to write them using LaTex codes.

Binary Operation Symbols and their LaTex Code –

1. Plus minus \pm \pm
2. Minus plus \mp \mp
3. Intersection of sets \cap \cap
4. Union of sets \cup \cup
5. Boolean union \vee \vee
6. Boolean intersection \wedge \wedge
7. Multiplication \times \times
8. Division \div \div
9. Asterisk \ast \ast
10. Star \star \star
11. Circle \circ \circ
12. Bullet \bullet \bullet
13. Diamond \diamond \diamond
14. Big triangle up \bigtriangleup \big triangle up
15. Big triangle down \bigtriangledown \bigtriangledown
16. Left triangle \triangleleft \triangleleft
17. Right triangle \triangleright \triangleright
18. Underlined left triangle \unlhd \unlhd
19. Underlined right triangle \unrhd \unrhd
20. Plus within a circle \oplus \oplus
21. Minus within a circle \ominus \ominus
22. Multiplication within a circle \otimes \otimes
23. Slash within a circle \oslash \oslash
24. Dot within a circle \odot \odot
25. Big circle \bigcirc \bigcirc
26. Dagger \dagger \dagger

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