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BigInteger xor() Method in Java
  • Last Updated : 30 Oct, 2019

Prerequisite: BigInteger Basics
The xor(BigInteger val) method returns bitwise-XOR of two bigIntegers. This method returns a negative BigInteger if and only if exactly one of the current bigInteger and the bigInteger passed in parameter id negative. The xor() method of BigInteger class apply bitwise-XOR operation upon the current BigInteger and BigInteger passed as parameter.


public BigInteger xor(BigInteger val)

Parameters: The method accepts one parameter val of BigInteger type and refers to the value to be XOR’ed with this BigInteger.

Return Value: The method returns returns bitwise-XOR of the current BigInteger with the BigInteger val.


Input: value1 = 2300 , value2 = 3400
Output: 1460
Binary of 2300 = 100011111100
Binary of 3400 = 110101001000
XOR of 100011111100 and 110101001000 = 10110110100
Decimal of 10110110100 = 1460.

Input: value1 = 54298 , value2 = 64257
Output: 12059

Below program illustrate the xor() method of BigInteger Class:

*Program Demonstrate xor() method of BigInteger 
import java.math.*;
public class GFG {
    public static void main(String[] args)
        // Create 2 BigInteger objects
        BigInteger biginteger = new BigInteger("2300");
        BigInteger val = new BigInteger("3400");
        // Call xor() method to find this ^ val
        BigInteger biggerInteger = biginteger.xor(val);
        String result = "Result of XOR operation between " + biginteger + " and "
                        + val + " is " + biggerInteger;
        // Print result


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