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Bharti SoftBank (Hike) Interview Experience | Set 5 (Off-Campus for Portal Team)

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  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2019
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I was interviewed for Android Developer.

Round 1 :
Discussion about Android basics and Java.
Optimized technique to fetch ListViews from database v(assuming you have no temp buffer)
ListView Recycling
Image caching
Questions on cache in Android

Inheritance in Java, Interfaces
Comparison of C++ and Java interms of Inheritance

Memory allocation for 2D array using pointers in C++
Alternative for pointers in Java
SoftReference and Weakreferences in Android

Activity lifecycle in android
Fragments, Fragment lifecycle in android

Find if two linked list merge, get the merging point

Calculate the velocity of a swipe done by user on mobile screen.

Round 2 : (Simulation Round)

They give you a problem to implement in 3 hours. We can use any language, any library or any framework.

I was given to develop a Broken Link Detector :
1. A URL good be given as seed URL
2. Fetch all the pages on this webpage
3. Check all broken links (those link are broken which give HTTP code other than 2xx OR 3xx)
4. If the link is not broken and is of the same domain, repeat steps 2-4 for this.
5. The final output should be txt file which stores all broken links corresponding to which webpage they occurred.

After the implementation, the interviewer saw the whole code, discussed the whole logic. Asked about optimizations which can be added.
I was even asked to implement the optimization (adding Thread Workers and concurrency) after going back and send him the code.

Round 3 : (with CTO)

Behavioral questions – Tell me about yourself, your projects, why do you join BSB, etc.

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