Betsol Interview Experience (2019)

I applied through college or university. The process took 2 days. I interviewed at Betsol (Bengaluru) in August 2019.


The interview process consisted of 6 rounds. Around 300 students from my college had applied

Round 1: Technical Aptitude ( Computer networks, Operating systems, SAN etc)

40 got selected for the next round.
Round 2: Group discussion – The topic was very simple. Your confidence matters.
20 got selected for the next round and we went to betsol office in banashankari, Bangalore

Round 3 : Technical Interview (questions on puzzles, DS, Algorithms, OOps etc)
10 cleared the interview

Round 4: Technical Interview (Detail questions based on your projects on resume and questions on DS, Algorithms)

Round 5: Technical Interview (same as round 4 but trickier and tougher)

Round 6: HR (About yourself, family, strengths, weakness, why do you want to join the company etc)

Some of the questions asked:

Find all subsets
Sort an array of 0, 1, 2’s
Reverse of linked list without actually reversing
Second largest :query
Computer networking

Practice problems on GeeksForGeeks, read about operating systems, Databases, Networking thoroughly
Prepare well! All the best!!!

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