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Best Vault Apps For Android and iOS

  • Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2021

In this growing age of technology, everyone has a lot of files stored in their smartphones. Some of these documents are meant to be private. With the growth in technology, there has been a rise in the number of hackers. Your phone’s security is in your own hands. Nowadays phones are becoming easy targets for these hackers and they can retrieve all your data and can sell or leak them online, which can be devastating for you. So there is a need for an application that can provide security to private files, such applications are known as Vault. Vault applications are a type of security application where one can keep all his/her personal and private files important data, etc. and assure that they wouldn’t be leaked online. Below are some best vault apps for the iOs and Android: 

1. Gallery Lock This application can be used to protect your phone gallery pictures and videos for Android phones. The user needs to select the photos and videos that he/she wish to keep private. After that, he can select the gallery lock option that can be found under the options menu of the phone’s gallery. 
It has an in-built stealth mode that means you can hide your private images or videos from others as well as the application. This application provides you instruction at each and every step, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. 

2. PhotoVault (Hide Pictures): It is one of the best free vault applications for Android phones. This app is very useful for securing not only your photos and videos but it can also provide protection to your SMS, calls and other applications. It requires a pin for authorization without which the application cannot be accessed. This app has a special feature of an in-built web browser and cloud backup. The best feature of this application is that it can be used for browsing, making calls and even sending SMS to someone who will remain private and nothing will get displayed in your call log and inbox. It has some extra features which can be accessed by paying a nominal fee. If someone tries to crack the app then the user will get the photo as well as the GPS address of the intruder. In the upgraded version you can also hide the app logo but the benefits provided in the free version are sufficient to make your data secure. 

3. Safe Gallery: A simple app to hide your photos and videos, and as well as audio and gif files in Android Phones. The UI of this app is similar to Ice Cream Sandwich OS and can be used as a file viewer. 

4. Hide it Pro: A great app for securing everything, this app supports photos, videos, audios, apps, messages, and contacts in Android Phones. All of these features are available for free. The files can be locked either by a pin or a password. It does not show up on the app list and uses AES 256-encryption, which provides maximum security. 

5. Private Photo Vault: In today’s world, people keep photos of their important documents and of themselves and their families in their smartphones. Photos are the one which is easily hacked and are mostly tampered. Hackers misuse other people’s photos for their own benefit. Private Photo Vault is a secure digital Vault App for iOS through which a user can keep his/her private photos safe and hidden from any other user of his phone. 
A user needs to set either a four-digit pin code or a pattern that can be set to encrypt the app. If someone tries to get in the app it will send the time and accurate GPS location of that person to you. 

6. Best Secret Folder: This is another great application for keeping your photos and videos private in iOS phones. This application is completely password protected. Besides encrypting the pictures, this application allows the user to click pictures and shoot videos and store them directly in the application. This application keeps the track of time and date of login as well as exit so a user can be a hundred percent sure regarding the safety of his files. 
This application has one amazing feature, even someone tries to enter or hack into your photos it gets detected as an unauthorized entry and the app displays the intruder some random videos which are not your saved ones. This lets the intruder believe that he has successfully hacked. 

7. Secret Photos KYMS – Keep Your Media Safe: It lets you hide your private photos and videos as well as documents in iOS. Files can be easily transferred to a PC via WiFi. This app has both pin and password protection. It has an extra special feature, this app pretends to be a calculator. This app always opens in the form of a calculator and works as a calculator until the user enters the correct pin and password. 

8. Keep Safe: It is a quite simple and easy application for iOS and Android users that encrypts photos and videos. This application has pin, password and fingerprint protection. You can simply access your files by using any one of the above-mentioned ways. This application can be used to create albums and slideshows. This app also contains the facility of the cloud backup that allows the user to access the files from any device. This application also takes your e-mail id so in case you forgot your pin or password don’t worry you can reset it easily. 

For Android: 

For iOS: 

9. GalleryVault: It has a simple and beautiful interface, that works both with audio and video files. It also has a secret web browser. It is designed for iOS users. The main feature of this app is that it also records the attempted break-ins. 

10. Photo Locker: As the name suggest it is used for encryption of pictures which can be simply added to the app. It is specially designed for Android users. It has an auto-lock feature whenever the phone goes to sleep. It doesn’t support cloud features. 

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