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Best Test Series for UPSC Prelims 2024

Last Updated : 05 Apr, 2024
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Ready to begin your UPSC Prelims 2024 preparation? Which test series will support you on this fascinating and challenging journey? Look no further! It is not very clear to study for the UPSC. The correct test series can guide you through extensive material and complex exam patterns.

How do you discern gem from rough when there are so many options? Which exams will help you develop your skills, strengthen your plans, and prepare for the real test? Don’t worry—we’ll help you choose the best UPSC Prelims test series.

To choose the ideal exam series, aspirants must be well-prepared and accurate. Each test series offers comprehensive material, insightful analysis, and real-exam simulations, giving hope. IAS candidates might consider Insights IAS, Vajiram and Ravi, and Vision IAS.

The journey continues after selection. The aspirant and test series must work together to succeed, where dedication meets guidance and persistence meets success. Their chosen test series helps UPSC aspirants organize their studies, practice frequently, and stay determined. Welcome to UPSC Prelims 2024. Your quest begins with the right test.

How does a good test series help prepare for UPSC?

The UPSC Prelims test is demanding; thus, you need a plan and lots of tools. Of all these resources, test series are vital because they show how ready a candidate is and help them prepare better. Let’s examine how a decent test set might simplify UPSC achievement.

Complete Coverage:

UPSC Prelims candidates can navigate the vast syllabus with a solid exam set. It covers every topic and subtopic to avoid gaps. This comprehensive preparation is crucial because UPSC questions might come from anywhere in the course outline and are famously unpredictable. A good test series covers everything in detail, giving pupils the knowledge and confidence to answer any test question.

Improvement through practice:

Practice is the key to success on any test, including UPSC Prelims. With regular practice exams and question papers, a good test set gives students several chances to succeed. This exercise helps students learn the test format and manage their time. Test takers learn how to use their time for each segment to answer all questions in the allotted time. With practice, aspirants become stronger at solving problems, making it easier to answer even the hardest questions.

Examining Yourself:

A good test series lets aspirants objectively evaluate their performance. After each mock test, aspirants can assess their strengths and weaknesses. This self-evaluation helps people build study programs focusing on their weaknesses, making their preparation more successful. Focusing on strengths and weaknesses can help UPSC Prelims candidates enhance their performance and chances of passing.

Real-life exam simulation:

The top test series simulates the UPSC Prelims exam as closely as possible. It has rigorous time constraints and question formats to mimic the real test. This simulation helps reduce test-day anxiety and enhance confidence by showing how the real exam room looks and feels. Applicants who have taken more practice tests are better prepared for the real examination, giving them an advantage.

Monitor performance:

Candidates learn what they do well and what they may improve with a good exam series. See how their scores vary over time to track their progress and identify areas for improvement. Many exams set feature comparative analysis, letting students compare themselves to others who took the same test. This tracking inspires people to achieve their best and enables them to alter their study habits based on performance patterns.

Content Changed:

UPSC syllabus modifications and improvements are frequent. For accurate content, a solid test series must keep up with these changes. A good test series promptly updates candidates on courses, exams, and news changes to prepare them for the latest happenings. This new content ensures that study resources are still useful and correct so students may focus on test-like topics.

Aid for Studying:

Revision is crucial in the last weeks of UPSC preparation to consolidate knowledge and thoughts. A solid exam set allows you to review crucial topics and ideas multiple times, making it ideal for studying. Repeating practice exams and question papers helps aspirants grasp and recall crucial concepts. Aspirants can confidently enter the test room after reviewing all key topics in an organized manner.

Make you confident:

Good test scores restore hopefuls’ confidence in their abilities. Regularly scoring well on practice tests increases confidence and calmness on the real examination. Confident candidates can take the test without stress or anxiety. Candidates can demonstrate their potential and earn the top UPSC Prelims scores confidently.

List of Best Series for UPSC prelims

Are you looking for the finest UPSC Prelims test series? To make an informed test preparation decision, check out a carefully selected list of the best suppliers and their specific features and price ranges.

Test Series




Insught IAS

Insight IAS

Comprehensive coverage

Detailed solutions


Fee (Offline Mode): Rs. 3500/- incl. taxes

Fee (Online Mode): Rs. 2500/- incl. taxes

Vision IAS

Visian IAS

Timely schedule

Diverse question bank

Performance analysis

Rs. 7000 to Rs. 7500

Shankar IAS Academy

Shankar IAS

Conceptual clarity

Current affairs focus

Personalized feedback

Rs.9,500/- for New Students

Rs.8,500/- for Old Students



Interactive interface

Adaptive learning

Expert guidance

Rs. 5000/- only

Clear IAS

Clear IAS

Simplified approach


Accessible anywhere

Rs. 4999/- only



Holistic preparation

Innovative techniques


Rs. 1999/- only

Drishti IAS

Drishti IAS

Targeted approach

Extensive practice

Doubt resolution

Rs. 12,500/-

Vajiram and Ravi

Vajiram and Ravi

Renowned faculty

Comprehensive coverage

Peer discussion

Rs. 9000/-

Chronicle IAS Academy

Chronicle IAS

Exhaustive material

Topic-wise tests

Performance tracking

Rs. 4999/-

Forum IAS Prelims

Forum IAS

All India Rankings

Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage

Hindi and English Languages

UPSC Pattern

Offline and Online Modes

Time Management.

Rs. 5999/-

Rs. 6999/-

Rs. 6499/-

Rs. 8499/-

Top 10 UPSC Prelims 2024 Test Sets

UPSC Prelims test sets might overwhelm any pass-seeker. Each exam series has its unique features and methods to satisfy applicants. We will examine the top 10 UPSC Prelims 2024 test sets and compare them on several parameters to assist you in choosing.

Insights IAS Prelims Test Series:

The Insights IAS Prelims Test Series sets itself apart by thoroughly covering and analyzing a lot of material to prepare UPSC test takers. It accommodates a wide spectrum of applicants and offers online and offline tests for different learning styles. UPSC aspirants use current events updates and revision tools to keep current. Personalized comments help aspirants identify areas for improvement, making preparation more targeted and successful. UPSC applicants seeking a comprehensive and effective test set choose Insights IAS for these reasons.

Vajiram and Ravi:

UPSC candidates love Vajiram and Ravi’s UPSC Prelims Test Series for its quality and utility. The school frequently produces UPSC toppers. Its test series mixes static and active material to assist applicants in understanding the subject. The detailed responses to question papers assist students in understanding tough subjects and clarifying their thoughts. Candidates could also check their national performance using Vajiram and Ravi’s All India Test Series. This helps them identify and plan improvements. It is the excellent test series for candidate.

Vision IAS Prelims Test Series:

Vision IAS Prelims Test Series focuses concepts and applications. This makes it ideal for UPSC applicants. Vision IAS carefully designs its practice tests based on past UPSC exams to help candidates prepare for the final exam. Video answers to difficult questions help applicants learn more and simplify complex topics. Workers benefit from variable test dates because they may mix learning and work. Vision IAS is the best alternative for comprehensive UPSC Prelims preparation due to its flexibility and quality.

Byju’s Prelims Test Series:

Byju’s Prelims Test Series revolutionizes UPSC preparation by seamlessly blending traditional and technology-based learning. Its adaptive testing function tailors learning paths to candidate success, improving study experience. Interactive quizzes and review modules help you grasp concepts. Expert mentors help aspirants prepare by answering questions, advising, and providing relevant information. Byju’s holistic approach improves pupils’ understanding and confidence. This equips UPSC Prelims applicants with the necessary skills and expertise.

Shankar IAS Prelims Test Series:

Shankar IAS Prelims Test Series is unique since it fully prepares you for the UPSC exam, focusing on current events crucial for test success. Shankar IAS offers English and Hindi question papers to accommodate a diverse language pool. With subject-wise examinations, applicants can focus on certain syllabus topics and prepare more efficiently. Regular question-answering sessions create a helpful learning environment where students can better understand challenging subjects. Because of these qualities, UPSC applicants who want to prepare well for the Prelims test choose Shankar IAS.

Forum IAS Prelims Test Series:

Many realize the Forum IAS Prelims Test Series includes well-thought-out question papers that help applicants understand concepts. Its focus on conceptual clarity ensures that applicants understand the subject rather than memorizing it. Forum IAS’s detailed performance analysis and graphical displays enable aspirants to identify their strengths and shortcomings and improve. Candidates stay updated on current events and how they apply to the UPSC exam with the test series’ wide range of current issues and government programs. Forum IAS’s personalized mentorship is crucial to candidates’ preparation. It provides personalized advice and assistance, strengthening its position as a trusted UPSC partner.

IAS Baba Prelims Test Series:

IAS Baba’s Prelims Test Series provides comprehensive training. Mixing static and dynamic content keeps it current with UPSC test trends. Sectional tests let applicants focus on certain areas, improving their comprehension. The various study aids included with the exam series subscription help applicants learn the material. Written skills are crucial to the UPSC test, and IAS Baba’s response writing workshops help applicants improve these. IAS Baba’s Prelims Test Series helps UPSC Prelims aspirants pass comfortably and easily with these well-designed features.

Drishti IAS:

The Drishti IAS UPSC Prelims Test Series is unusual since it covers a lot of UPSC preparation terrain. Drishti IAS smoothly blends current events with static topics to prepare UPSC exam takers for shifting questions. Bilingual test papers make the system more inclusive. Video courses simplify difficult topics, helping kids succeed in school. Drishti IAS’s simulation test series gives students real-life exam experience and confidence for the UPSC Prelims exam.

ClearIAS Prelims Test Series:

ClearIAS Prelims Test Series stands out because it simplifies complex concepts for all students. Because ClearIAS offers free and paid exam series for varied budgets, UPSC applicants can acquire superior study materials. ClearIAS’s detailed performance analysis helps applicants identify areas for improvement and plan their test prep. Performance analysis helps aspirants identify their deficiencies and enhance their approach. The revision tools make it easy to quickly review crucial subjects, helping you remember the vast UPSC syllabus. Clear, inexpensive, and effective, the ClearIAS Prelims Test Series helps UPSC aspirants do well on the test.

Chronicle IAS Academy:

Chronicle IAS Academy has a complete UPSC Prelims 2024 test set. This well-designed program covers all the essential test-taking subjects. The test set emphasizes rigorous preparation with topic-specific tests to promote conceptual clarity and retention. The Chronicle IAS Academy test set also contains extensive performance tracking features to assist applicants in assessing their performance. A detailed performance analysis helps candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses and plan for improvement.


Finally, selecting the finest UPSC Prelims 2024 test set is crucial for acing this difficult exam. Each test series offers unique characteristics to satisfy UPSC job candidates’ needs. These include extensive coverage, specific feedback, and new learning methods. Consider the curriculum coverage, analysis quality, accessibility, and support when choosing a test series for your learning style and needs. Finally, buying the appropriate test set is one of the most crucial steps to improving your UPSC Prelims exam preparation and chances of passing.

Best test series for UPSC prelims 2024- FAQs

What UPSC Prelims test set should I take?

Consider course content, feedback quality, and learning style. Find the right type by reading reviews and examining characteristics.

Can I access UPSC Prelims test series information online?

Many exam series include online study materials, sample tests, and performance reports so you can prepare on your own time.

How often should I take UPSC Prelims practice tests?

Take practice examinations at least once a week to track your progress, enhance your time management, and identify areas for study and improvement.

Can the UPSC Prelims help me prepare for the current events test?

Yes, many test series feature current events questions and updates to keep students current on UPSC exam-related news and events.

How can I get help with UPSC Prelims exam series queries or concerns?

Most test prep firms offer forums, helplines, or mentorship programs where you can ask questions and get expert answers.

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