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10 Best Softwares to Make a Transparent PNG in 2024

Last Updated : 01 Feb, 2024
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Removing backgrounds from photos and making transparent PNG files may seem like a simple task, but it is very important in editing. This editing skill sets the stage for the final creative output. Further editing possibilities come after you have decluttered the background or completely removed the background. After you are done with removing background from photos, you can add on effects and make them look like amazing art pieces.

10 Best Softwares to Make a Transparent PNG in 2024

Here we are with the list of best softwares to make a transparent PNG in 2024. This list of PNG maker tools range from beginner-friendly options to advanced graphic editing tools. The best part? Most of these transparent PNG maker tools are free.

What is a Transparent PNG?

A PNG is an image file format that stands for Portable Network Graphics. Images in PNG format can be saved in transparent mode after removing the backgrounds. This major feature of PNG makes it the most preferred file format for the designers.

Why Do You Need a Transparent PNG?

Having transparent PNG images is important and sometimes essential if you are willing to add objects and effects to your image to turn it into an appealing design. Having no background gives you the limitless possibilities of creativity without any distraction in the background.

List of Best Softwares to Make a Transparent PNG

To make transparent PNG images, you can utilize various software and tools. Removing backgrounds from the photos can be easily done with a free PNG maker online. But there are several graphic editing tools too. These tools give you more leverage as you can go into deep detailing while removing the backgrounds. So the better transparent PNG maker, the better you get the results.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, we all know it for its industry-standard status. Professional graphic designers use Adobe Photoshop and it gives the top-notch quality when it comes to editing with details. It has advanced tools for creating transparent PNG images. The layer-based editing makes it a very easy tool to use. There are several methods to make transparent PNG in Photoshop. Using a Magic Wand tool is the easiest method, but you can also use selection tools to select the background and then simply remove it. Its mask functionalities allow precise control over transparency levels and effects.

  • Widely used in the industry.
  • Editing at a meticulous level.
  • Vast range of tools available.
  • Compatible to edit a wide range of formats.

Pricing: $22.99 per month


GIMP is a free open-source alternative to paid graphic editing softwares. It has amazing features such as alpha channels and layer masks, that make it the perfect platform to remove background from images. You can simply make transparent PNG with GIMP by using its Alpha Channel and Fuzzy Selection tool. The process of removing background from images is the same as Photoshop but the best thing about GIMP is that it is easy for beginners also. GIMP is completely free to use, but you need to download it to your device just as you download Adobe Photoshop.

  • Open-source free software.
  • Industry standard editing.
  • Easy to learn for new users.
  • Takes up less storage space on the system.

Pricing: Free to Use

3. Photopea


If you are looking for a free PNG maker online that you can use without downloading and installing to your device, then Photopea is the best transparent PNG maker for you. It is not just a background remover tool, but a complete replica of Adobe Photoshop in a web-based format. Photopea is almost similar to Adobe Photoshop and it gives you the ability to remove background from images with detailing and then make transparent PNG out of it. The best is that it is completely a web-based tool that requires a high-speed internet and a well working browser to edit photos.

  • Exact depiction of Photoshop.
  • Complete cloud software.
  • High Compatibility.
  • Free to use.

Pricing: Free to Use

4. Canva


Canva is the second most popular graphic editing tool in this list after Adobe Photoshop. It is a complete web-based platform that is highly user-friendly due to its easy user interface. The latest upgrades made to Canva added the Background Remover effect in the ‘Edit Photo’ section. User has to simply upload the photo and then apply the effect of ‘Background Remover’. After clicking on ‘Erase’ the background will be removed. The background remover effect is available for the Canva pro only, that is a paid version.

  • Professional editing with a simple user interface.
  • Fast editing as it is based on the web.
  • The Pro version includes exciting features.

Pricing: $12.99 per month

5. Pixelmator


Pixelmator is designed specifically for Mac users. The user-friendly interface and variety of tools allow the user to make transparent PNGs from images without much technicality and skills. Removing backgrounds from images to create transparent PNGs is much easier in Pixelmator compared to other tools. The plus point is that you get a 7-day free trial to use Pixelmator without paying a penny. Once the trial period ends, you can purchase and use it for additional editing tasks.

  • Specifically developed for Mac users.
  • High-end editing.
  • Free trial available.

Pricing: $39.99 per month

6. PaintShop Pro
paintshop pro

If you are looking for a transparent PNG maker tool along with some other editing capabilities, then PaintShop Pro is what you need. Creating transparent PNGs is one of the basic features of PaintShop Pro. Other than this it offers high-end photo editing features that will enhance the outcome of your design projects. The precision of its selection tools is so high that you can remove the background from images without affecting the subject. It supports multiple image formats that enable you to create images for different verticals from web to print.

  • High-end editing in an easy way.
  • Advanced artistic effects available.
  • Backed by industry leader Corel Corporation.

Pricing: $79.99 per month

7. Adobe Express

Adobe Express

If you always rely just on Adobe, but want smooth, easy and online access to it, then Adobe has something for you as Adobe Express. It is an online platform officially by Adobe Express. This platform offers multiple editing and design features in a web-based interface. Background remover from Adobe Express is one of the best PNG maker solutions provided on the website. You just have to go to the official site of Adobe Express and then look for ‘Background Remover’ in the ‘Quick Actions’ tab. After that follow the general instructions to get the background removed from your photo and make transparent PNG.

  • Product by Adobe.
  • Integrated AI.
  • Multiple tools available.

Pricing: Free with 25 generative credits and $9.99 per month with extra credits

8. Pixlr


Pixlr comes with integrated AI tools, making it the best tool to create transparent PNG. It offers you a high level of precision and creative flexibility. To achieve highly refined results, designers can use various photo editing tools available in Pixlr such as brushes, layers, filters and adjustments. These tools also have AI-based options that speed-up the editing process and give optimum results. bAI editing tools.

  • Supports quick editing.
  • Compatible with multiple devices.

Pricing: $4.90 per month for premium and $14.99 per month with creative pack


We can’t complete this list of tools to make transparent PNG without mentioning any AI-based tool. The best and well known tool is The best part is that you don’t have to use multiple tools and neither so many tools are available in this online free tool. You just have to upload the image and click the “remove background” button and done. With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) your image will be cleaned up and all the background distractions will be removed.

  • Remove background with a click.
  • Completely AI based.
  • Quickly finishes the job with drag, drop and download.

Pricing: Free to use

removal-ai-best-app-to-remove-background-from-images is also similar to The background is also removed in the same way. AI is used to remove the background, without even any interference of the user. But before you download the transparent PNG, you can make manual adjustments, by using the integrated editor available on the platform. Other than this they also have a team of manual editors, that you can hire for any big projects that you have in your basket.

  • Quick tool to remove background.
  • AI-based but with an integrated editor.
  • Free to use.

Pricing: Free to use


There may be many more tools available to make transparent PNGs, but these are the most tried and tested PNG maker tools by the users. Each PNG maker software has its own pros and cons. You can choose any of them and give it a try. Choose a tool that best suits your requirements, is easy to use and within your budget.

1: Why are transparent PNGs important in designing?

Transparent PNGs allow a designer to add elements such as backgrounds, texts and much more to a photo, making it a poster or creative design. Removing the background gives the designer enough space to show creativity or reuse the subject of the photo in multiple projects.

2: Can I find free software to make transparent PNGs?

Absolutely! Here in our list you can find many free PNG maker softwares. Some of them are available online, allowing you to use them without downloading.

3: How does using transparent PNGs make your designs better?

Your designs will look way better when you have removed the clutter of background from your photos. PNGs allow you to save your photos in transparent format without background, so that you can use it. It enables you to add layers of various design elements, such as logos and text, to enhance the visual appeal of your designs.

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