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Best Password Managers for 2022

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  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2022
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Managing passwords can be tough, but nowadays we have to do that almost every day. Nowadays mostly every website requires a password to log in, be it any banking website or matrimonial, and choosing a password for every different website can be hectic at times. Hence, making it difficult to memorize each password, and keeping simple passwords is kind of a threat as anyone or especially hackers can crack it down. Therefore, to tackle such situations Password Managers are required as it keeps your passwords safe and does not let you make simple ones.

Best Password Managers for 2022


If you want to safeguard your passwords then Password Managers are the best as there you can keep all your important passwords in one place and make managing them seamlessly easy. Also, it helps to maintain the security of your various websites by providing high-end security. There are many free and paid versions of applications that you can use according to your own wish.

What is Password Manager?

A password manager is a kind of encrypted digital vault which is used for keeping your passwords or login information safe. Along with this, this vault can also be used for keeping your sensitive data or secret credentials secured. Furthermore, the password manager also acts as a password generator and creates a unique and strong password for you that cannot be hacked easily. It also informs you about security breaches so that no one can hack your account.

Best Password Managers To Use:

After reading such unique attributes of a password manager, let us move forward toward the best password managers in 2022 and beyond:

1. RoboForm

This is a versatile Password Manager which has several plugins available for significant browsers and mobile applications for both Android and iOS. This manager has free and paid versions which provide you with secure vaults where you can store your data without any concern or hassle. In addition to these, RoboForm has numerous advantages, for example:

  • Login in just one click
  • Synchronization of passwords across all devices
  • Helps in generating unique and strong passwords
  • Easy to use and updated password vault
  • Provides biometric login (Touch ID, Face ID, Pixel Face Unlock, Figure print reader, etc)
  • Reasonable price of the paid version
  • Multi-factor authentication

2. Keeper

This is one of the best password keepers and provides you with top-notch security. It also comes in both paid and free versions along with unlimited password storage in one device. Created by Keeper Securities, the company is based out in Chicago, Illinois, and is a decade-old company thus providing us with another reason to trust completely. With amazing and strict policies it is preferred by professionals and acts as a good solution for any business. It works with almost every platform such as Android, iPhone, Windows, macOS, Firefox, Opera, Linux, and many more. A few more advantages of Keeper are as follows:

  • Provides private messaging application
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Gives access to change dozens of passwords at once
  • Well-designed interface
  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Comes with multiple form-filling identities

3. NordPass

Password managers like NordPass make your life easy by managing all your passwords in one place. Not very old in the market, NordPass has created its value in a very short period of time. It helps you keep track of all your passwords and you only need to memorize the master password, which can be a figure print, face lock, or anything else. But there is one drawback, you can only log into one device at a time. Apart from that, this application is much more suitable for desktops or laptops rather than mobiles. Although, this application also has a few benefits, for instance:

  • Comes with a decent free version
  • Generates strong passwords
  • Protects vaults with MFA and biometrics
  • Identifies unsafe passwords and leaked data
  • Supports with the full-featured free plan
  • Can be imported to all browsers

4. 1Password

This is one of the famous password protectors as it can be used in a shared way and not just in organizations or individuals. Yes, this password manager can be used by multiple people, for instance, a complete family for managing their passwords at a single time. Thus, making it one of the favorite password managers around the world. This is an easy-to-use app and supports Linux, Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS. However, the free version of 1Password only lasts for 14 days and if you like using it then you have to purchase it after that. A few of the befits of 1Password are as follows:

  • Travel mode to keep your passwords safe
  • Can cover your family of 5
  • Provides each person separate private vault
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Security breach alerts
  • Storage for unlimited passwords

5. Dashlane

A well-known password manager which helps in managing all passwords with it paid, free, and family plans. The app supports only 50 saved passwords and after that one has to go for the paid version, where you can save unlimited passwords of your choice. Dashlane provides its customers with dark web monitoring, 1GB of secure cloud storage, Hotspot Shield’s VPN service, secure notes, multi-factor authentication, unlimited syncing, and secure notes. Apart from that, it can also store various information and fill out several forms with contact details and delivery addresses. Now let’s take a look at a few more benefits:

  • Stores documents in a secure manner
  • Includes VPN services
  • Supports password change in bulk
  • Holds up full password history
  • Synchronization across all platforms

6. LastPass

One of the widely used managers LastPass is popular among people due to its cross-platform experience. An easy-to-use, secure and features packed application is available in both paid and free versions. The data is kept secured with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes encryption. In addition to passwords, one can also save credit card details and delivery addresses as they can be used automatically while shopping online. Plus you can also store your details of insurance policies which prevent people from accessing your emails and social media accounts. The app also has more benefits, such as:

  • Mobile application logins
  • Straightforward usage
  • Amazing cross-platform experience
  • Gives unlimited access to free account holders
  • Cheaper family plans
  • Two-factor authentication

7. Zoho Vault

Yet another amazing password manager is Zoho Vault which is preferably used in offices. Its robust free plans are best for individuals and help you with unlimited password storage. Apart from that people like it even more because its home and work collaboration feature enables you to sync your work easily. One can also, handle multiple page logins, import numerous passwords from browsers, and supports several browser extension. The app also has more benefits, such as:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Considerable free plan
  • Password importing without hassle
  • Accessible through all platforms
  • No restrictions on free account

8. Bitwarden

One of the best password managers Bitwarden has an accessible free version that can be used across all platforms and devices. Its open-source roots and lean encryption software enable in generation and storage of passwords across all devices. Although, the free version lacks sometimes but can be used easily. So, if you are looking for a user-friendly free service password manager then you can opt for Bitwarden. Its few more amazing features are:

  • In-expensive paid plan
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Provides open-source
  • Appropriate for all platforms
  • Supports effective sharing feature

Why Do You Require Password Managers?

  • Typically deals with creating tough and non-hackable passwords
  • Stops us from creating easy-to-remember and same passwords across all websites
  • Helps in organizing and protecting passwords across all sites on every device
  • Provides end-to-end strong encryption and security measures for all passwords
  • Compatible with both software and hardware including Mac, Android, iPhones, Windows, and Linux
  • Biometric logins along with cloud-based vaults help in managing things easily

Hence, these are the best password managers to use as they can help in securing your passwords from hackers and adds valuable legacy to your digital applications. 

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