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Best Internship And Full Time Career Opportunities Programs for Women

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It has been widely observed that there is a huge gap in the number of men and women working in technical fields, and this leads to many problems for women to start and hold a good career in the software or technology industry. Some challenges that girls or women consistently face are:

  • Unconscious bias in decision-making in the company. As the number of women working in a company is always less than men, the decision taken in the workplace is generally more inclined towards male co-workers.
  • As per the reports, many of the recruiters and hiring managers are also gender-biased and preferred male candidates over female candidates for a tech job.
  • Many times in companies when women join a new company she faces a lack of support and understanding simply because their number is less.

To address these problems and many other, tech firms have started giving some extra opportunities for women to work in their company as an intern or a full-time employee. Below is the list of the best internship and job opportunities that are specifically for women in the tech industry.

1. Rails Girls Summer of Code

Rails Girls Summer of Code is a program exclusively for females and non-binary coders. RGSoC is a global program run by the non-profit organization Travis Foundation, which aims to bring diversity to the Open Source community. Their main focus is on the applicants who want to pursue programming as a full-time career. Here students who get selected are paid a monthly stipend from July to September. This helps many girls from the underprivileged section of society to work for open source. For the period of three months, students have to go on an assigned open source project in groups of two who are guided by a mentor. Apart from joining RGSoC as a student, people can also contribute as Sponsors,  Mentors, Project managers, and Supervisors. Open Source organizations are also welcomed to be a part of this program.

2. Hack@Home by Atlassian

Hack@Home is a challenge that is held every year by the company Atlassian, it is a five-week-long coding challenge that aims to engage engineering students in coding who are currently in their second or third year of the degree. There are three rounds- the first and second rounds are structured as a coding challenge in which students are asked data structure and algorithm questions. And the third round is structured like a hackathon in which participant has to make some projects and present them to the experts for judgment. Participants who perform really well in this program are also offered a full-time job opportunity in the company. To know when this program is going to be scheduled you have to keep a track of their social media handles.

3. SheCodes, Indeed

SheCodes, Indeed is an event organized by Indeed (job portal website) which aims to provide women the opportunity to showcase their talent by participating in the coding challenge and solving some open-ended problem statement on an individual basis. To apply for this program all applicants need to fill a form whose links are given on the website or in the company’s social media handles. After the successful registration participants are provided with a set so coding questions that need to be solved in the given time frame, their solutions are judges against various test cases. And the participants whose performances are best are declared as the winner and presented with some amazing gifts.

4. Google STEP Intern

Google STEP (Student Training in Engineering Program) internship is a 12 weeks long internship program by Google for the students of the first and second year of college who want to make their career in the field of software development. This program focuses on bridging the gap between academics and practical methods for the students who belong to underprivileged societies. Participants of this program complete a technical project where they learn how to deal with industry-level challenges and the technologies involved. Here they are also mentored about the best coding practices, new technical skills, and how to prepare for coding interviews. Students also get to meet various engineers who are best in their field, learn from them and network with them.

5. Codess

Codess is a program backed by Microsoft to promote gender equality in the field of engineering. Codess works on the idea to promote female developers and help them to make a career in tech and achieving professional goals by mentoring them and giving them opportunities to show their potential. This program is open to students who are in the second of their technical degree. Registration of this program happens in two steps – first students are required to fill out a form that asks about their academic and personal details. After the form submission students have to give a coding test in which they are asked three questions related to data structure and algorithm.

6. AmazeWow

AmazeWow is a program managed by Amazon in which it provides internship and full-time engineering roles to women. Similar to other programs Amazon is also trying to work on gender inequality and uplifting women in technical fields. The registration to this program generally open in the month of May, and students are first selected for an online coding test, and they are provided with a series of video lectures which teach them about basic of software engineering, and after two weeks they are sent a link to coding test and then students are selected for internship interview based on their performance in the test.

Last Updated : 10 Mar, 2021
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