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10 Best Free Email Service Providers (2024)

Last Updated : 12 Feb, 2024
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Emails have been one of the oldest forms of communication used in professional spaces. Especially for businesses, it is a vital tool to communicate with their clients and colleagues. An email serves as an official validation of communication that takes place between two people or within the organization. However, having free email service providers that give you the maximum features along with the complete security of your data is tough to find. Several email service providers provide a top-notch email app along with unique features integrated into it.

 Best Email Service Providers

To enhance the user experience and allow seamless communication, be it for professional or personal purposes, many of these are free email service providers for all users. Let’s understand what kind of email service is best suitable for you while also suggesting you some of the 10 Best Free Email Service providers across the globe.

What’s an Ideal Email Service Provider?

An ideal email service provider for you would be the one that has all the necessary features integrated within the app while also providing you the accessibility to these features either free of cost or at reasonable costs. A few important factors you must consider before picking one.

  • It should be easy to access and have user-friendly interface.
  • Should have integrations with the leading apps and platforms.
  • Offers ample amount of storage space for your emails and attachments.
  • The app you’re opting for is cost-efficient and worth the price or not.
  • If the app Is secure and safe to use is very crucial to consider.
  • The deliverability rate must be higher enough (more than 98%) to ensure your emails are reaching your target audience’s inbox.
  • Automation is another important aspect one must not neglect while looking for an email service provider.

List of Free Email Service Providers For Business

Here’s our list of 10 of the most recommended email service providers which offer their services for free.

1. Gmail

Undoubtedly, the most popular email service used around the world is Gmail by Google. With 1.8 billion users worldwide, the app has become a favorite email app for businesses as well as personal users. Gmail comes with a stack full of useful features which makes it the number-one email app.

Key Features:

  • The app is free of ads in your inbox.
  • Use the snooze feature to make the emails reappear in your inbox after a while.
  • Higher customization options are available for every user.
  • Great integration with other Google services like Google Docs, and Google Drive.
  • Join meetings and video calls right from your Gmail inbox.
  • Send up to 25MB of files in a single email attachment.
  • 15GB of storage space available for storing your emails and data.
  • Can be browsed from anywhere from any device upon proper verification.

2. Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo Mail

After Google, if there’s another oldest and most popular email service provider, it’s Yahoo! Mail inbox. The storage offered by this American-owned email service provider is as huge as almost 1TB

Key Features:

  • Quickly look for your important emails by searching a keyword, date, or email address.
  • Set up your favorite themes and layout within the mail.
  • Login and connect all your accounts including Google, Microsoft, and AOL accounts in one place.
  • Set up your important meetings using the calendar integration.
  • Directly access the photos and documents received and sent through emails by clicking on the Photos or Documents option in the right menu.

3. Outlook


Outlook by Microsoft is another widely used mailbox service that is easy to use and integrate with other platforms. Formerly named Hotmail, Outlook has great features to offer to users.

Key Features:

  • Use add-ins just like Microsoft Excel and Word in the mail.
  • You can even hide your actual email address from others by using different aliases.
  • Recover your deleted messages easily.
  • Free storage of almost 15GB for all your important emails.
  • Data encryption and email security

4. AOL Mail

AOL Mail

AOL mail or also popularly known as AIM is one of the most suitable mailbox services when it comes to organizations that prefer communication exclusively based on mail. Unlimited storage and virus protection are what make this free email service a preferable choice for most organizations.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited storage for your emails.
  • Comes with virus protection to save your mailbox from harmful attacks
  • Import your email contacts from different formats like TXT, LDIF, or CSV.
  • Customize the list view of your emails.
  • You can even undo sent emails to other AOL addresses.

5. Proton Mail

Proton Mail

Proton Mail is an end-to-end encrypted open-source email service that you can use for free. The emails that you send are completely encrypted thus providing you complete privacy. The app also has an email expiration feature wherein the emails disappear after a specified date that you set. 

Key Features:

  • Open your account without providing any personal information.
  • The email service is also compatible with other external free email service providers.
  • Easily share documents and files from Proton Drive through a secure URL.
  • Set up an expiration date for your emails.
  • Organize your emails and inbox using various customization options like color labels.

6. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an impressive email service that can be used both for professional as well as personal purposes. The detailed labeling system and streamlined migration in Zoho Mail make it one of the most preferable email services for professionals.

Key Features:

  • Zoho Mail easily integrates with Zoho CRM.
  • Customize the domain name of your email for up to 25 email addresses.
  • Completely secure since it’s encrypted and follows high privacy standards.
  • It is free of ads since Zoho doesn’t scan the inbox for advertising purposes.
  • Also comes with an expense tracker.

7. Tutanota


Open-source email provider, Tutanota prioritizes privacy and offers strong security measures. For emails and attachments, it offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring that only the intended recipient can view the content. It is a great option for people looking for an encrypted email solution because it places a high priority on user privacy, refrains from tracking users or showing them tailored adverts, and uses reliable authentication procedures.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Email Encryption is Enabled
  • Two-factor authentication enabled for user security with no targeting
  • Accessible on all platforms like web browsers, android, iOS, and desktop.
  • Open-source platforms for more transparency with the users
  • Secure calendar and contact management feature

8. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is one of the most secure email apps for iOS and Mac users. It seamlessly integrates with the other apps and services on your Apple account. 

Key Features:

  • Store and share your files across devices and platforms for up to 5GB.
  • Highly compatible with other Apple products and services.
  • Easily label senders as VIPs to ensure you do not miss out on important messages from them.
  • Quickly unsubscribe to newsletters through a single click.

9. GMX


If you want to access multiple emails through a single inbox, GMX is a suitable option for you. The email service provides you with a massive 65GB of storage to store your important emails and documents. Protected with SSL encryption, your GMX accounts are safe and secure.

Key Features:

  • Send up to 50MB of file attachments in a single mail.
  • Avail the benefit of 65GB of mass storage capacity.
  • A secure inbox that’s encrypted with SSL encryption.
  • Set up almost 10 alias email addresses with a single email account.
  • Allows external email account integration with GMX account.

10. Neo


Neo Mail is one of those email service providers that enable you to create customized email addresses with your business domain name using the co. site extension. It is mostly suitable for brands that are looking to build their brand identity and grow their business. With Neo, you can even verify if the receiver has opened your emails or not.

Key Features:

  • Set up a single-page website using the same URL which matches your email address.
  • Get notified if and when the receiver has opened and read your email.
  • Schedule your emails with the Send Later option.
  • The Priority Inbox allows you to easily.
  • Create and access email templates to quickly use them to compose your emails.

Final Thoughts

Emails are an important communication tool that has become a significant part of anybody’s life. To avail of the advanced features required to customize and organize your emails, you may or may not have the required budget. That’s when you can use the 10 Best Free Email Service Providers mentioned in this article. Whether for your business marketing or personal communication, these free email service providers can enhance your experience and help you have seamless communication with your customers or your co-workers.

Best Free Email Service Providers – FAQs

Which are the best free email service providers available in the market?

Some of the popular options include Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Proton Mail, and Zoho Mail.

Which free email service offers the maximum storage space for the users?

For all users, Gmail offers free storage up to 15 GB making it one of the most loved one and generous option as compared to others.

What are the advantages of using a free email service?

There are multiple advantages of using a free email service such as cost-efficient, accessibility, open-access, and other email service like calendars, cloud storage, etc.

Which email provider has most free storage?

As of February 10, 2024, here are the top 3 email providers offering the most free storage:

  1. Yahoo Mail: 1 TB of free storage.
  2. AOL Mail: Unlimited free storage.
  3. GMX Mail: 65 GB of free storage.

Which free email is safest?

  • ProtonMail (500 MB storage)
  • Tutanota (1 GB storage)

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