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7 Best Computer Science Courses To Take in 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2023
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For a Computer Science Student (or for a student of any other domain as well!!), it is always required to have some in-depth knowledge of the particular field to get an advantage over others in today’s competitive job market or to achieve any other career goals. Indeed, students are becoming more concerned about this and also showing interest in doing the relevant courses to expand their knowledge and skills. But… due to the availability of numerous courses and choices, it becomes quite difficult for students to find the appropriate and relevant courses as per their field of study. 

Best Computer Science Courses


Meanwhile, Computer Science is a very vast field with various demanding specialized topics for students such as Computer Programming, Networking, Database Management, and many more. Although students are required to determine their areas of interest and opt for the best computer science courses accordingly. 

Moreover, the completion of such courses in a disciplined manner can lead you to many exciting career opportunities at the earliest stage. These courses or subjects can be categorized in various ways including popularity, interest, career options, etc. Here in this article, we will let you know about these 7 best courses for Computer Science students that will help them to get success in their career field.

1. Data Structure & Algorithms

Needless to say, Data Structure and Algorithms can be considered the core of the Computer Science domain. Data Structures are a particular way of storing and organizing data for further use in an efficient manner and Algorithms are the step-by-step approaches for solving a particular problem. Meanwhile, if you want to get into the top IT giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc., you are required to have an understanding of Data Structure and Algorithm concepts. You can start with the basic Data Structures concepts such as Stack, Queue, Linked List, etc., and then move further to the advanced level. 

There are various platforms available over the web to learn Data Structure & Algorithms, however, you’re strongly recommended to go for the GeeksforGeeks platform as there are various online and offline courses (both free and paid) available that can help you to master the Data Structure & Algorithms.

2. Programming Languages

Coding – The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when hearing about Computer Science. Indeed Programming Languages are one of the basic and crucial aspects for all computer science students. Whether you want to go for the Software Development field, Artificial Intelligence domain, or any other field, having an understanding of programming concepts is always a must. There are numerous demanding programming languages Python, Java, Ruby, C, C++, etc. available in the market that you can opt to learn. 

Although you’re not required to master each and every programming language instead you can opt for a few (even a single one!) as per your requirements and area of interest. Also, you can opt for GeeksforGeeks online programming courses for Java, Python, C++, etc. to excel in your coding skills.

3. Computer Architecture

Can you imagine building or designing something without knowing about the basic foundation or internal workings of the system? Never!! 

And that’s why it is required to understand Computer Architecture in order to develop programs and applications more efficiently. The Computer Architecture-based course lets you understand how systems are designed, built, and work. You can start to learn Computer Architecture concepts from basic topics such as Basic Computer Instructions, Instruction Design & Format, Memory Organization, etc., and then proceed further to advanced topics such as SIMD and MIMD, Multicore Systems, and various others. Additionally, as technology is evolving rapidly day by day, computer architecture is the most recommended for all computer science students for better career opportunities.

4. Operating Systems

If you have ever worked on a system whether it be a laptop, desktop, or any other device, you must have heard about Operating Systems. There are various OS available such as Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. that act as an intermediate between the user and the computer for convenient interaction. However, the Operating System course isn’t just about the above-mentioned OS but it consists of various deep mechanisms and concepts to learn and implement. It provides you with a thorough understanding of managing computer resources appropriately and efficiently. There are several major topics like CPU Scheduling, Process Synchronization, Deadlock, File and Disk Management, Memory Management, etc. that are the key components of the Operating System course.

5. Mathematics

Honestly, Mathematics is the foundation of the Computer Science field. Even a major part of the Computer Science domain can be considered a subset of Mathematics. If you want to make it big into the Computer Science domain you must need to get proficient with Mathematical concepts as these appear in almost every area of the particular field you can’t assume to excel in Data Structures and Algorithms without going through Basic Discrete Mathematics or you need to have a thorough understanding of Linear Algebra for Computer Graphics. Meanwhile, there are various other Mathematics concepts also such as Calculus, Statistics, Probability, Combinatorics, and many more that can’t be ignored by CS/IT students.

6. Database Management

In the present-day scenario, the biggest asset of almost every IT giant is Data and so the demand for database professionals is rapidly increasing. Meanwhile, for every Computer Science enthusiast, it is most important to manage the data appropriately and efficiently to get better career opportunities. And the Database Management Course curriculum offers you to learn and get a thorough understanding of the same. The DBMS course deals with a wide range of concepts such as Data Modelling & Representation, DataBase Creation, Performance Issues like system failure, and various others. While opting for a DBMS course, you can start to learn from basic topics like the Entity-Relationship Model, Functional Dependencies, Normalisation, etc. to the advanced level topics.

7. Computer Networks

Computer Networking is one of the rapidly evolving fields in the CS/IT domain. It deals with the configuration of networks, network security management, backup process, and other related tasks. You are strongly recommended to opt for the Computer Networking Course to enhance your skills and achieve various career opportunities. Meanwhile, you must understand the basic topics thoroughly like the OSI Model, TCP/IP Model, Multiple Access Protocols, Circuit Switching & Packet Switching, etc. to get your concepts clear that eventually will help you during the practical exposure. Moreover, after completion of the Computer Networking course, you can also go for various networking certifications that can directly land you a job or various other career opportunities. 


So, these are several most recommended courses for all Computer Science enthusiasts to expand their knowledge and to get some ravishing career opportunities as well. Although it solely depends on your area of interest which course you should take for yourself. But whichever course you would choose, put all your dedication and hard work during the learning process to make the most out of it!!

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