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10 Best Angular IDE and Code Editors in 2023

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  • Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2023
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Google introduced the globe to Angular, a JavaScript library, in 2009. Web developers choose it because it combines JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, enabling interoperability with third-party frameworks.

The most recommended framework for creating websites and applications is now AngularJS. Because of this, many technologies and IDEs in the marketplace simplify programming. They exist to foster greater creativity among designers while streamlining project development.

Best Angular IDE and Code Editors in 2023

Consider development an artistic endeavor, with IDEs serving as the canvases that encourage the artist and allow for more significant innovation. Since each developer or programmer has a unique set of requirements so we have collected some popular AngularJS IDEs and Code Editors.

What is AngularJS?

Google created the JavaScript framework Angular in 2009 to give designers a tool for building cutting-edge smartphone and web applications. Single-page apps run more smoothly thanks to Angular, which further set a new standard for website designing.

The figures show that there are 2,487 websites in India and 125,787 domains currently utilizing AngularJS, compared to 195,621 domains that have previously utilized Angular.

The angular IDE is the most excellent option for customers if you are seeking a recent browsing experience with top-notch apps. Using Angular to build a logically implemented interface, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML can be combined. Moreover, the architecture is offered up and allows for integration with additional modules.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a program that streamlines the work required of coders by simplifying the entire development phase and assisting you in generating error-free coding. In addition, it assists with the integration and functional analysis of the solution.

Best Angular IDE and Code Editors

Transcription, interpreters, developer tools, and other programming software and frameworks come in wide varieties. And including Angular’s continued dominance as the leading Javascript library for creating mobile and web apps, there are an expanding variety of IDE (Integrated Development Environment) solutions available.

Although there are several tools for Angular Developers, relatively few can boost developers’ hands-on efficiency. The purpose of the IDE is to streamline development tasks. On website designing, as an Angular web development firm, we use coding and IDEs. Here are the 10 best AngularJS IDEs and code editors:

1. Angular IDE

This IDE uses an attractive user interface to make programming more pleasurable. It includes recommendations for most of the code in your TypeScript statements, project, and UI components. In addition, such an application’s real-time problem flagging and coding validation make life simpler.

Although it isn’t complimentary, it offers a 45-day trial version and downloads as an Eclipse plugin. Along with syntax-specific coding color highlights, the Angular IDE has several other valuable capabilities, including identifying wrongly specified component tags and brackets searching, among others.


  • CLI incorporation
  • Real-time code validation 
  • TypeScript 3.0 certification and restoring
  • Auto-completion of code

2. Visual Studio Code 

Because Visual Studio Code IDE develops in TypeScript, it supports TypeScript incorporation quite well. To further its capabilities, there is a tonne of WordPress plugins. In addition, visual Studio Code delivers exceptional performance and information integrity due to its embedded Git management.

Additionally, non-linear techniques are supported. Finally, Visual Studio Code, a solid and robust IDE, provides tools like suggestions and auto-completion that can be helpful for novices.

The tool’s most significant advantage is that additional innovations are released each month, giving you anything to look forward. In addition, these capabilities can eventually create apps that are simpler and more engaging.


  • Built-in scripts for Git
  • Restoring
  • Constantly on IntelliSense
  • Extendable and adaptable


ALM is an IDE explicitly created for Javascript and recognizes it as a member of Generation Next. It has proved a considerable success for JavaScript developers who want to code their applications in basic TypeScript terminology before transforming them into regular JavaScript.

Installing this cloud-based IDE is incredibly simple and only requires one NPM line. It has various benefits, including automated building and compilation, multi-monitor compatibility, built-in AST reader, live project linting and file, and many more. In addition, it is lightweight and straightforward to use.


  • Compact and easily operated
  • Easily Integrated
  • Created using Typescript
  • Removes obstacles to entry in Typescript

4. Webstorm

Business owners favor WebStorm because of its emphasis on simplicity. It is user-friendly and streamlines repetitive procedures, giving companies more opportunities for coding. In addition, webstorm helps companies keep consistent software delivery and raise the caliber of the offerings by decreasing the expenditures used for creation and maintenance.

With automatic code completion, WebStorm includes standard coding quality tools like JSLint, JSHint, and ESLint. In addition, plugins enable the integration of additional linting technologies. Another benefit is the built-in web service of WebStorm, which allows simple codebase previewing.


  • Version control hierarchy
  • Incorporation of tools with ease
  • Integrated interface
  • Considering contemporary technology

5. Atom

The Atom IDE is excellent for individuals just starting in the many web development world. It is simple, straightforward, and provides excellent customization support. In addition, it’s a straightforward text editor with predictive Text that’s easy to use and is a fantastic tool for programmers.

Simple adjustments like altering the backgrounds and pointer color to more complicated ones, like altering the defaults for most built-in operations, are all possible with atoms. Furthermore, you may customize and alter Atom to your liking because of the modular architecture of its code base.


  • Automated intelligent finishing
  • Platform-agnostic updating
  • Simple navigation and numerous panels
  • Network explorer for documents

6. Aptana Studio

The recommended IDE for creating both websites and applications is present in Aptana Studio. Its feature-rich IDE built on Eclipse, an open-source IDE has traditionally been the preferred choice for Javascript developers. In addition, the Aptana Studio IDE has a tonne of plugin that enables adaptations for a wide range of outsourcing programs and utilizes them to optimize CSS, Java, HTML, and PHP code.

Aptana Studio supports cutting-edge and stylish website development methodologies and helps experienced professionals. It focuses on creating AJAX apps while providing top-notch assistance for all other app development types.


  • Launching wizards
  • Completely configurable
  • Built-in interface
  • JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code compatibility

7. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is the best code editor around; compact, reliable, and extremely quick. The capacity of Sublime Text to handle extensive documents without experiencing any issues is among its most praised qualities. Moreover, it has excellent results, mainly its capacity to scan SQL statements and case-sensitive elements.

It has support for multiple cursor keys, allowing for collaborative updating, and it displays a minimap that indicates the precise size of the project. The minimap allows you to travel to specific locations without searching endless coding pages.


  • Plugin API compatible
  • Application switch immediately
  • Splitting rewriting
  • Cross-platform copy editing

8. Bracket 

This cross-platform, open-source IDE from Adobe is getting the attention it needs to distinguish itself from the competition. Everyone who wishes to utilize it can do so for free on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It offers convenient capabilities that should be present in any platform used to design applications, including rapid edits and real-time previewing. Several additional languages, including Pearl, Python, and C++, offers code highlighting.


  • Real-time monitoring and actual modification
  • Aligned JavaScript Copy editor
  • Pre-processor assistance
  • Rapid Go-to routing

9. Karma

Karma is one of the best suites for JavaScript that has been designed for testing purposes and one can quickly run tests using Jasmine, Mocha, and QUnit. etc. Karma can also offer an extensive range of plugins and a tester can efficiently run multiple tests on any of the browsers. It was designed by IntelliJ and can run across platforms (such as Mac, Win, Linux, etc.)

You need to ensure that you’ve pre-installed Node.js before you start downloading karma from its official website. Besides this, below are some of the key features that this tool offers:


  • Ease in debugging
  • Offers a real productive environment
  • Simplifies integration with Jenkins, Travis, etc.
  • A tester can run Karma directly through the command line.

10. Cypress

Cypress is one the best Angular IDE of 2023 for sure due to its ability to handle end-to-end testing and does not integrate with Selenium (which most of the testing tools are). Besides this, it was first introduced by Drew Lanham in 2014 and over the period of time, they have recreated the architecture of testing and debugging. 


  • Offers Cloud Testing for cross-platform
  • Extensive range of plugins
  • E2E testing
  • Facilitates changing browser in the test runner window


Even though numerous IDEs in the marketplace, picking one’s not too challenging. Everything relies just on the specifications of the project and your personal choices. The majority have a lot in common, yet each is unique in complexity and added kick. So, we came up with the list of the 10 Best Angular IDE and Code Editors in 2023 which can be a game changer for your next Angular project.

However, we cannot select an IDE that best meets your needs and your business’s. Therefore, we have increased your expertise by providing this category’s variety and emphasizing every item’s unique advantages. We advise you to choose a few, give them a try, and then let us know whichever one you prefer most. The IDE you use for specific requirements will depend solely on the choices.

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