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Benefits of Hosted Desktop

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  • Last Updated : 04 Jul, 2022
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The BYOD revolution is a trend that is not going to stop anytime soon. Today’s empowered consumers are expecting to work in and out of the office, using technology just like at home. They want the ease and reliability of a familiar device and instant access to their work files from anywhere. Enterprises are challenging the adoption of a BYOD strategy that allows employees to work remotely while keeping corporate data private and secure. Luckily, businesses can put into practice several types of BYOD policies, each with special features and advantages. This gives you secure access to all your applications and all your data without having to actually buy a PC in the office. Software, hardware, and help desk support are cheap and you can access them securely anytime, anywhere.  

What is Hosted Desktop?

Hosted desktop refers to a virtual client-user environment or a virtual machine where a desktop computer accesses data on a remote server by using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI). You can get your work-space with that much flexibility and mobility at any location and any time. 

Benefits of hosted desktops :
There are several other benefits of hosted desktops for the following businesses and remote workers:  

For Business :
Here we will discuss the benefits of hosted desktops for Business as follows.

Factor-1: Better Cash Flow: Moving to hosted desktop services does not require expensive capital expenditures on physical servers. The company enjoys low fixed monthly payment costs that pay only for what it uses, improving cash flow and enabling predictable budgeting.

Factor-2: Best Security:

  • When you virtualize your data, security is the key to success. I don’t want a solution that puts information at risk. If you are using the service for Remote Desktop Connection, you need a team of experts to manage the server.
  • Ensure that your environment is continually updated with the latest security fixes. Don’t worry about your records. Now you have an environment where you can back up your data and recover it if you lose your information. In addition, Remote Desktop includes many enhanced security features that keep your data protected at all times.
  • Information in transit to high-end key cryptography is protected. You have been enabled with some features by which you can spot who is remotely linked to your business.

Factor-3: Increased efficiency:

  • According to a revision by Pixmania, cloud computing can increase the productivity of human resources by up to 20%. Hosted desktops allow you to operate remotely smoothly from anywhere, ensuring high productivity levels, reducing overhead costs for enterprises, providing flexible operations, and making employees happy.
  • Mike Hurst, Chairman of Hurst Financial, said, “I was more productive, people felt the openness of being able to work outside the office, and I was confident that I could manage my time. It helped improve profitability and boost employee morale. “

Factor-4: Scalability:

  • Hosting Desktop expands or reduces IT requirements by giving your organization flexibility and paying only for what you use by quickly adding (or removing) employees, storage, and applications. To be able to.

Factor-5: Stability:

  • Most cloud providers promise 99.999% uptime, so your business is always open. The provider hosts customer data in a secure UK data center behind an enterprise-class firewall to provide 24/7 support and disaster and recovery services. If a server fails, the load automatically advances to other servers in the cloud and activates the application.

For Remote Workers: Here we will discuss the benefits of hosted desktops for remote workers as follows.

Factor-1 : Flexibility to Work Anywhere –

  • The hosted desktop gives an employee the freedom to work from any device, inside or outside the office. Use your PC, tablet, laptop, or smartphone in your office or home to connect to your virtual desktop, access work files, email, and more.

Factor-2: Advantages of Competitive Employment –

  • The current generation of workers expects to be able to use their devices whenever they need them. A flexible BYOD plan attracts these young workers and provides competitive employment benefits to businesses demanding new talent. Move

Factor-3 :
CapEx to OpEx –

  • Hosted Desktops eliminate capital investment (CapEx) for new servers and translate them into predictable monthly costs. This is satisfying as it allows you to classify CFO costs into operational costs (OpEx).

Factor-4 :
Offering More Devices at Less Cost –

  • Using a hosted desktop strategy, companies can support more devices at no additional charge. The base model of subscription means that you don’t waste licenses and your company pays only to real users.

Factor-5 :
Confidential Company Information Protection –

  • Through desktops hosted by service providers, office desktops are completely isolated from other personal applications and data on mobile devices. This allows you to store your important work files in a secure central repository in your local device’s storage for safe and healthy storage.

Factor-6 :
User Rights Control –

  • Administrators can set permissions to restrict end-users from downloading unauthorized documents or applications to their PC.
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