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Belzabar Interview Experience for Sr. Computer Scientist (3.4 years Experienced )
  • Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2019

Profile: Sr. Computer scientist (3.4 years Experienced ) , frontend JS developer

There were 4 rounds of interview:

Round 1:

It was a written round where I have to find nth prime numbers in the most optimal way.

I cleared this round. And I was called for face to face interview

Round 2:

This was a technical round. Following were the questions asked

  1. Difference between React 15 and React 16
  2. How Angular executes its life cycle(Internal working)
  3. How Change Detection Works
  4. Why Angular change detection is fast
  5. Differences between let, var, const (It’s internal implementation)
  6. How closures work
  7. One question on DP which I didn’t remember
  8. Implement Singleton Design pattern
  9. implement Observable design pattern
  10. Try to implement your own async/await
  11. Implement your own jquery function to update DOM
  12. JS architecture.

I cleared this round. This round mainly focus on your in-depth knowledge of how things work

Round 3:

This round was with the Director and Manager of Belzabar. They were nice persons

  1. About my project and company
  2. Implement your own tree shaking algorithm (Here I thought about nodes having arbitrary pointers to other nodes using there and instance. In the first pass mark the functions using similar concept of sieve-of-eratosthenes algorithm. The second pass remove unused nodes and function.)
  3. Types of design pattern I have implemented Design patterns
  4. Created  dynamic routes and components in angular
  5. es5 and es6 syntax
  6. Implement your own JSON.stringify and JSON.parse

This round also focuses on your thinking process for the problem given to you. I cleared this also 🙂

Round 4:

This was HR round

I got the offer 🙂

The company focuses on your thinking process and In-depth knowledge of the Framework, you have worked on.

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