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Belzabar interview experience for Computer Scientist

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First round was a written round.
second round was a written coding round.
third was a technical personal interview round.
fourth and fifth were HR and director round respectively.

First round
It was a online test which includes 90-100 questions based on aptitude, c++, java, sql queries, computer networks, linux. Questions were not too tough. They were basics based on what we have covered in our academic subjects.

Second round
They shortlisted 60 – 70 students for this round . It was a coding round . Only one question was given and we have to solve it on a notepad without using any compiler. The question was
Rotate a matrix by 90 degree and explain the algorithm.

It is not necessary that code must compile. If it has some compilation errors they will consider it until and unless algorithm or approach is correct. We were required to explain used algorithm on each and every step so that it can be easily understood. (mention time and space complexity ).

Third round
In this round they shortlisted 20 students . It was approx 1 hour round . They were asking questions on data structure , arrays , os , dbms , sql queries, OOPS .Questions were mainly covered from geeksforgeeks .
It is not necessary that all of these topics will be asked from you .They will also see your resume and ask according to your interest . Like they asked me Question on my interest area( coding, DBMS) .

Questions were as follows
* What is BST, how will you delete nodes in bst ?
* Given a boolean 2D array, where each row is sorted. Find the row with the maximum number of 1s.
* Why sizeof operator is a operator and not a function ?
*Find median in a stream of integers.
* Sort an array of 0s, 1s and 2s .
* Then he asked me basic OOP concepts and implement it in ATM machine . Basically create a class diagram for ATM machine .
*Then there were 2 simple sql queries which include joining of tables .
*At last he gave me a scenerio and asked me to create its database showing normalization at each step .
It is not necessary that you have to answer all questions correctly . For each of the question they will see your approach and how you reached to optimized solution .

Fourth round –
For this total 6 students were shortlisted.
It was a casual HR round conducted on skype . They asked simple questions like tell me something about you, what was the most challenging phase during your college life, how you have contributed to your college, your weakness and strength, why you want to join this company, your preferable location and which type of projects you have done. It was approx 20 minutes session. You just have to convince them that you are really interested to join the company.

Fifth round
This was a telephonic director round in which he asked basic puzzles, explanation of your projects and again basic HR questions.
Now if this round doesn’t goes well dont panic . If your HR round went well , they will consider you .
And finally out of 6 they hired 4 of them.

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Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2014
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