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Belzabar Interview Computer Scientist Internship

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Belzabar Software Design & Development recently visited our Campus, as a regular offering Computer Scientist Internships to 2-3 students of the college from CS/IT Engineering Branches. They had a very strict policy that if one applies to Internship cannot sit for Placement Drive when the company visits the campus again. To put in a nutshell, You get only one chance! 

The Selection consists of 3 rounds of rigorous test, 

1. First Round (Online Test)- 
The first round was an Aptitude cum Technical Test of 95 questions to be solved in 50 min. 
Questions were primarily from OS, Linux, Java, Databases Queries, Computer Networks, Data Structures and were targeting the basics of these core subjects. 

I got through the first round with one of the highest scores. 

2. Coding Round – 
45 min to write a program in C,C++ or Java. 
Efficient Program has extra credits. 
Algorithm is to explained at the Beginning or the end, Extra credits for that. 
Compilation of Code is not allowed. 

Previous Questions which have come so far are – 
Q) Given a digit string, return all possible letter combinations that the number could represent. 


A mapping of digit to letters (just like on the telephone buttons) is given below. 
Sample Input: 

Sample Output: 
ad, ae, af, bd, be, bf, cd, ce, cf 

The question for me – 
Q) Remove Duplicates from Linked List, which has already featured on GeeksForGeeks, 

I solved it using the naive approach and two of my batch mates solved it using Hashing, they got selected for interview. I didn’t make to Personal Interview Round. 

Belzabar is a Superb company offering 6.70 LPA PPO to Students, so must apply and All the Best for your Belzabar Internship/Placement Rounds. 

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Last Updated : 22 Jun, 2021
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