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Basics of Spatial Computing
  • Last Updated : 19 Jan, 2021

Spatial Computing is termed as a user interface that uses technology to make a computer interface in a three-dimensional world by changing the physical reality to send input information and manipulate collect output from the computer. It was termed by Simon Greenwold in 2003.

Spatial Software is used to study and engage in spatial analysis. It is a tool to do graph-based analysis and geographical information systems. It is a software that is available in several packages, some are licensed and free. Spatial Graphs are made in which the vertices and edges are spatial elements such as graph network.  

In spatial computing, an approach is adopted to make real-world interact with digital technology. When we are discussing spatial computing, we are using the terms i.e., augmented reality(AR), virtual reality(VR), and mixed reality. 

Basic Principle of Spatial Computing :

It uses the basic principle of Audio-Visual Technology. Audio-Visual is a term that is used to make align audio with a visual component such as a movie, corporate conferencing. In schools, computer-based audio-visual technology is used to give information. It uses a mixed variation of audio and visual.

Applications or Examples of Spatial Computing :

  • VR Headsets – 
    These headset devices allow users to a virtual reality especially to be used for movies, gamers to interact with video gaming objects and characters.
  • AR Glasses – 
    AR Glasses allow users to see extra three-dimensional information and project data view dimensions and are especially useful in industrial applications.

Advantages of Spatial Computing :

Spatial Computing has the following advantages:

  • Speed of operation is high
  • Attainment of satisfaction
  • It has a low training time
  • Enhance performance
  • Minimize faults

 Disadvantages of Spatial Computing : 

  •  The cost is much more.
  •  May lead to side effects on others. 

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