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Basics of management

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Today we are going to study the basic definition of management, how it is used in many forms, and the importance of management. Management is an act of getting people together to achieve the desired goals or objectives of any human or business organization. One of the most imperative and interesting disciplines of business, due to change in rapid time, the roles of managing are changing too. business nowadays has become complicated and owning it to the dynamic industry we need good managers for a successful business.

Some of the definitions of management: 

  • Management as a noun
    They consist of people/persons who are concerned with management and are given authority from the organizations. 
    For example, product manager who manages the product development and deployment on time. 
  • Management as a verb
    Inspired from Italian word “managerial” and french word”management”, it is the action of the tasks. 
    For example, the firm appoints a manager *to manage* the team. 
  • Management as a process
    It refers to what management does and includes getting things done by others. 
    For example, the manager instructs to the development team to improve the codes. 
  • Management as a function
    It contains all the activities to be undertaken by manager like planning, organizing, directing, staffing, coordinating, etc. 
  • Management as a science
    disciplined body of knowledge which can be learned and practiced. 

Importance of management: 

  • Increasing the efficiency of business.
  • Crystallize the nature of management.
  • To improve the development of management.
  • To attain social goals by coordinating the efforts of people so that the individual objectives can be transferred into social attachments of business


Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2021
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