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String is a sequence of characters. In java, objects of String are immutable which means a constant and cannot be changed once created. Creating a… Read More
Consider the following C code snippet. char* p = NULL; printf("%s", p); What should be the output of the above program? The print expects a… Read More
This is a question asked quite often as in which language should be preferred to be efficient in competitive programming. It is something one should… Read More
As discussed in Chomsky Hierarchy, Regular Languages are the most restricted types of languages and are accepted by finite automata.   Regular Expressions Regular Expressions… Read More
Consider below Python program. # A Python program to demonstrate that we can store # large numbers in Python    x = 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000; x =… Read More
  You can also read our previously discussed article on Classification of Context Free Grammars.   Context Free Grammars(CFGs) are classified based on: Number of… Read More
Although they both seem to do the same thing, there is a subtle difference between them.  cout << endl : Inserts a new line and… Read More
Telephonic interview: 1. Given a string, display the words in reverse order I/p: I work at xyz O/p: xyz at work I 2. Given a… Read More
Given two given numbers a and b where 1<=a<=b, find the number of perfect squares between a and b (a and b inclusive).Examples   Input :… Read More
TYPES OF NUMBERS Integers : All numbers whose fractional part is 0 (zero) like -3, -2, 1, 0, 10, 100 are integers. Natural Numbers :… Read More
  Either you love it or hate it, but in the age of Microservice and REST API, you can not ignore JavaScript. JavaScript was once… Read More
Any group of individual objects which are represented as a single unit is known as the collection of the objects. In Java, a separate framework… Read More
Given a number “n”, find its total number of divisors are even or odd.Examples :   Input : n = 10 Output : Even Input: n… Read More
Given a natural number n, print all distinct divisors of it. Examples:  Input : n = 10 Output: 1 2 5 10 Input: n =… Read More
Given a natural number n, print all distinct divisors of it. Examples: Input : n = 10 Output: 1 2 5 10 Input: n =… Read More
How do you benefit by creating an SQL database on Microsoft Azure? For one thing, moving databases between machines and cloud environments becomes easy and… Read More
A number is termed as triangular number if we can represent it in the form of triangular grid of points such that the points form… Read More
We strongly recommend to refer below articles as a prerequisite of this. Randomized Algorithms | Set 1 (Introduction and Analysis) Randomized Algorithms | Set 2… Read More
Written test 1) Quantitative aptitude, C, data structure, DBMS, operating system 2) 4 programming question      a) Two from data structure (tree)      b) One… Read More
Eigen vector of a matrix A is a vector represented by a matrix X such that when X is multiplied with matrix A, then the… Read More