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Stacks are a type of container adaptors with LIFO(Last In First Out) type of working, where a new element is added at one end and… Read More
Multisets are a type of associative containers similar to set, with an exception that multiple elements can have same values.Some Basic Functions associated with multiset: begin()… Read More
Sorting is one of the most basic functions applied to data. It means arranging the data in a particular fashion, which can be increasing or… Read More
Binary search is a widely used searching algorithm that requires the array to be sorted before search is applied. The main idea behind this algorithm… Read More
The Standard Template Library (STL) is a set of C++ template classes to provide common programming data structures and functions such as lists, stacks, arrays,… Read More
Given a digit ‘d’ and a range [L, R] where L < R, print all good numbers in given range that don't contain digit 'd'.… Read More
Given a number, print words for individual digits. It is not allowed to use if or switch. Examples: Input: n = 123 Output: One Two… Read More
Deloitte(TTL) visited our Campus for Recruitment this year in August. FAS stands for Financial Advisory Services which handles the consultancy and financial Risk Management department… Read More
A serial transmission Ti uses 8 information bits, 2 start bits, 1 stop bit and 1 parity bit for each character. A synchronous transmission T2… Read More
Prerequisite links suggested for better understanding this article: GIT-Let’s Get into it Gihub to host static page There is a huge open source community backing… Read More
In computer networks, data is sent in small blocks known as packets. Each packet is transmitted individually and may also follow a different route to… Read More
A man is allocated a task. He doubles the task done everyday. If the man completely does the task in 18 days, how many days… Read More
Programming world is growing exponentially with each passing year. There are tons of programming languages one can learn. The question which comes to everyone’s mind… Read More
Addressing Modes– The term addressing modes refers to the way in which the operand of an instruction is specified. The addressing mode specifies a rule… Read More
Puzzle: You have got someone working for you for five days and a gold bar to pay him. You must give them a piece of… Read More
1’s complement of a binary number is another binary number obtained by toggling all bits in it, i.e., transforming the 0 bit to 1 and… Read More
Given a positive integer, check if the number is prime or not. A prime is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive… Read More
class Test {     public static void main(String args[])     {         String s1 = "geeksquiz";         String s2 = "geeksquiz";         System.out.println("s1 == s2 is:" + s1 == s2);… Read More
The idea is to automate the manual process of registration of courses. This system provides a number of functionalities pertaining to COURSE REGISTRATION for the… Read More
Literally speaking, MMU is ‘Memory Management Unit’ while MPU is ‘Memory Protection Unit’. Both of these are specialized hardware which are used by CPU for… Read More