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By default python’s print() function ends with a newline. A programmer with C/C++ background may wonder how to print without newline. Python’s print() function comes… Read More
Puzzle: A Geek asks a cashier to pay Rs 200 for a cool program written by him. He asks the cashier to pay only in… Read More
There are two jugs each of 4 and 3 liters respectively , without any measuring marks. how many minimum steps are required to have 2… Read More
A box contains n coins, of which 7 of them are counterfeit with tails on both sides and the rest are fair coins. If one… Read More
A boy goes to 20 of his friend’s houses with ‘n’ number of newly purchased marbles in his hands. At every house he visits , he… Read More
Try to figure out the output of this code: public class Test {     public static void main(String[] args)     {         System.out.println(45+5 + "=" +45+5);     } }… Read More
A place has two kinds of residents, Poor, who always tell the truth, and their opposites, Rich, who always lie. You encounter two people A… Read More
A sum amounts to Rs 2506 at simple interest rate of 13.5% per annum after 4 years. Find the sum. (A) 1624.25 (B) 1621.27 (C)… Read More
Let R (A, B, C, D) be a relational schema with the following functional dependencies: A → B, B → C, C → D and… Read More
Arrange the following functions in increasing asymptotic order: A. n1/3 B. en C. n7/4 D. n log9n E. 1.0000001n (A) A, D, C, E, B… Read More
An error correcting code has the following code words: 00000000, 00001111, 01010101, 10101010, 11110000. What is the maximum number of bit errors that can be… Read More
(C012.25)H – (10111001110.101)B = (A) (135103.412)o (B) (564411.412)o (C) (564411.205)o (D) (135103.205)o Answer: (A) Explanation: (C012.25)H – (10111001110.101)B = 1100 0000 0001 0010. 0010 0101… Read More
A partial order P is defined on the set of natural numbers as follows. Here x/y denotes integer division. i. (0, 0) ∊ P. ii.… Read More
Comprehension passages are sure shot scoring questions. We are given a passage and some questions that follow the passage. The questions are to be answered… Read More
In C/C++ and Java, we can write empty function as following // An empty function in C/C++/Java void fun() { } In Python, if we… Read More
Consider a TCP connection in a state where there are no outstanding ACKs. The sender sends two segments back to back. The sequence numbers of… Read More
Match the following concepts and their best possible descriptions.<br> (A) i-b, ii-d, iii-e, iv-f, v-g, vi-a (B) i-c, ii-a, iii-e, iv-d, v-h, vi-f (C) i-c,… Read More
The boolean function for a combinational circuit with four inputs is represented by the following Karnaugh map. Which of the product terms given below is… Read More
Re-arrangement questions are of two types : Sentence re-arrangement and passage re-arrangement. In sentence re-arrangement, we are given a sentence whose words/group of words are… Read More
A module is a file containing Python definitions and statements. A module can define functions, classes, and variables. A module can also include runnable code.… Read More