Bash Script to get Low Battery Alert in Linux

We are going to write a bash script that will speak “Battery Low” when the battery’s charging percentage will go below some specified threshold value. Before starting this, first, we need to understand some basic commands and terminology which are described below:

Some Bash Commands:

  • acpi: This command returns the percentage of battery charged, whether the device is charging or discharging and the amount of time left before the battery fully discharges.


    Example: acpi -b produces the following output:

    Battery 0: Discharging, 13%, 00:52:52 remaining

    Here, Battery 0 means it is not charging and Battery 1 means it is charging. 13% is the Percentage of Battery Charged. 00:52:52 is the time left before it Hibernates.

  • notify-send: This command is used to alert the notification popups in Linux. We will have the alert of the battery charging/discharging warning with this command.


Required Package: espeak command speaks or narrates whatever parameter you pass with it e.g it will speak out “demo espeak” if you run espeak “demo espeak”. Espeak can be installed like any normal package:

sudo apt install espeak

Required Linux Filters:

  • grep: The grep filter is used to search for some specified string in a given file.
  • cut: The cut filter allows us to cut and strip the desired section of text file before the standard output.
  • sed: It stands for stream editor. This filter is used to make insertion, deletion, search, and replacement. We are using sed here for replacing the “%” sign by “”.
  • filter_none




    #Author:echo_bash | Ali Anwar
    battery_level=$(acpi -b |cut -d ", " -f2| sed 's/%//g')
    #Battery 0: Discharging, 13%, 00:52:52 remaining
    #To get the battery percentage only we'll cut the
    #second value which ends at ", ". So we get 13%
    #Now we'll replace the % sign by "", so 13% will 
    #be changed to 13 now.
    #acpi -b produces output as 
    echo $battery_level       #$battery_level=13               
    #If the charger is plugged in, acpi shows "charging"
    #and if it's not plugged in, it shows "discharging". 
    #if acpi -b shows charging, "grep -c" will return 1 
    #else it will return 0
    ac_power=$(acpi -b|grep -c "Charging")   
    echo $ac_power          #1 if charging(plugged in) and 0 if discharging (not plugged in)
    #when the battery is charging and it gets charged up to 100%
    if [[ $ac_power -eq 1 && $battery_level -eq 100 ]]  #if charging and battery_level==100
    export DISPLAY=:0.0
    notify-send -i "/usr/local/bin/battery_full.png" "Ali, Battery is full." "Level: $battery_level% ";  
    #it notifies Ali, Battery is full and shows the battery
    #full image which is stored in /usr/local/bin directory
    #so, it will narrate, please remove the 
    #charger. It's charged up to 100%.
    espeak "Charge full, Please Remove the charger" -s 140
    #when the battery is not charging 
    #and it goes below 30%
    if [[ $ac_power -eq 0 && $battery_level -lt 30 ]] 
    export DISPLAY=:0.0
    notify-send -i "/usr/local/bin/battery_low.png" "Ali, Battery is Low." "Level: $battery_level% ";
    #similarily, it narrates 
    #"please connect the charger"
    espeak "Please connect the charger" -s 140



    How to run this script?

    You can set a cron job to run this script every hour. So, the script will check battery percentage and charging/discharging every hour and will narrate the result.

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