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Barclays On-Campus Hiring for BA3 Role, SNDT Campus Experience

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  • Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2019
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Round 1: It was an online test conducted on Hackerrank platform. There were 20 programming logic MCQ questions covering topics like DBMS, SQL basic commands, C, Computer Networks, Operating Systems. And 2 coding questions both easy to moderate level.

Total time given 1:30 hrs, for both the parts.

1st coding question: Basically, we had to store 5 names. And for every name input an output saying ‘NO’ for name that’s not repeated and output saying ‘YES’ for name that was repeated was expected.

2 simple for loops did all the task.

Command line would have 6 inputs, one an integer on number of names in my case it was 5 and other 5 strings were names to be stored and checked for repetition.








Output expected was:






Hope you got the point! 2nd coding question was to count numbers and characters in a string. Code will be available on Google. It was easy.

Around 25 students were shortlisted after 6 days and were called for interview on the 7th day.

Round 2: Technical Round.

The interviewer read entire resume, in the preferred language section I mentioned C and java. He asked whether he should ask on C or Java. I chose Java.

Before beginning he asked on a scale of 10 how much do I rate myself on Java. I replied with a 6/10.

Technical questions:
1. Is java 100% object oriented? Justify
2. What do you understand by string pool?
3. Explain method overriding with example.
4. What is overloading?
What is method overloading and operator overloading?
5. Can constructors be overridden? (No) why?
6. What is threading?
7. What is multithreading?
8. There r lot of advantages of multithreading, but what could be the possible disadvantages.
9. We have a database how would you make it search efficient more questions on indexing
10. Some advanced java concepts, I don’t remember.
11. What’s conflict management? How would you manage it.
12. Singleton class
13. Collection API
14. What is the superclass of any java program?
More questions on object class, like what methods are included in object class.
15. What is an API, give examples
16. In java can strings b immutable? Explain
17. Difference between string buffer, string pool, string builder.
18. Tell me about JIT (just in time interpreter)
Why is it used?
19. Questions on static keyword.
20. Final keyword.
21. New technology you’re recently come across.
22. Interfaces in java
23. How would you store large amount of data in your database, and how would you retrieve it efficiently?
24. What’s synchronisation and why is it important
25. What is an infinite loop
26. Can we compare strings using equality == operator?
27. Access specifiers.

He started with core and gradually moved to advanced. He seemed very friendly and genuine.

Tip: Answer core questions with lot of details and transparency and provide explanation using a code wherever possible.

Always give a shot to answer something you don’t know by saying, I might be wrong but I can take a wild guess what this might be.

Always wear a smile, maintain eye contact while answering and be confident. And you are good to go . All the very best.

Round 3: HR round

The main and most important thing is to thoroughly study Barclay’s Values -RISES.

Go through their website and make notes of what they really mean by RISES, don’t just name them.

In managerial questions on situations they are looking for answers that satisfy or go with any one of their Values.

Here comes into picture the hobbies section make sure you write what really interests you as there might be questions on any of them. I wrote watching crime thrillers, so we had a lot of chat about Sacred Games 2 & 1. Even on ‘The boys ‘.

Keep your resume authentic and one of a kind.

Prepare answers for Tell me about yourself, one with family background and one without it.

Why should we hire you ?

Why Barclay’s, why Computer Science, why engineering, why is there a drop in marks, reasons and stories for why you have leadership qualities, team work abilities etc.

Be calm, be present in the moment, take time to think and answer as per satisfying any of the RISES Values.

Good luck!

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