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Barclays Investment Bank Pune Interview Experience (On-Campus Interview)

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Barclays Investment Bank,  Pune

Round 1 : Aptitude – cum – Coding test

Aptitude test — 60 minutes
Coding test — 30 minutes

This online test was conducted on Cocubes Platform.

Aptitude test consists of 3 sections — Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal ability, and Logical reasoning. Each section had 20 questions each. This means 60 questions and you have 60 minutes. So here what matters is your speed!!!

Try to solve Quantitative and Logical reasoning as early as possible so that you can get time for Verbal ability as it also has COMPREHENSION based questions.

Coding test was pretty much easier for me to crack as I had been practicing them regularly. Just try to do all Hackerrank questions and you can get through this round.

Round 2 : Technical Interview

You should know about what you are writing in your resume as they ask questions about those things which they see. Don’t lie over your resume.

You should know everything about your projects(not about the technology used) if you have mentioned them.

My questions about projects were based on the following parameters —
• Project Idea
• Project Team
• Project Requirements
• Project Limitations
• Project’s Real-world Application

You need to convince him how your idea inspired you to take it as a topic for project.

Project team questions focused on choosing correct members and what preference is to be given i.e. either a brilliant and arrogant guy or an average but hardworking OR only hostelites and no localities. You are also expected to give a reason for your thought.

In project requirements you have to just speak about how did you start your projects and how your requirements changed according to the different situations.

In project limitations you need to say that your projects do have a future scope of improvement and you need to give an example of the same.

The interviewers ask that if now immediately they take any of your project and they try to sell it in the market then which companies they should focus on. In this you have to keep in mind about one special feature which your project has and the other companies (which you mentioned) don’t have.

Even if you mention less number of projects it doesn’t matter. Just tell them about what you have done!

Round 3 : HR Round

Fortunately I was lucky enough to directly have an HR round rather than a 2nd technical round.

Prepare there values i.e. RISES — Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence, Stewardship.

Keep at least one instance of your life in mind for each of the above values.

They don’t directly ask it but they give situation based questions and according to your answer they evaluate you whether you have that value or not.

For some of my friends it was based on the knowledge about the company and competitors which was also accompanied by the typical question “Why do you want to join Barclays?”. Be specific in answering this as this is the question on which they know about your eagerness to join their company.

Note :

• Do have manners while asking for a seat and while entering into or leaving from the cabin. Greet the interviewers as this helps a lot about knowing your behavior.
• Be confident throughout your interviews.
• Do ask questions if you have any at end of each interview but don’t get too personal as they might reject you.
• Be clean and well groomed. Do wear clothes which are neat and clean.
• Hope for the best!!!

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Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2022
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