Barclays Interview Experience | Set 5 (On Campus)

Barclays recently visited my Campus ( Cummins College Pune ). Eligibility criteria was cgpa > 8 and no live backlog. Only Comp and IT were allowed.

Around 120 people applied for it .

Round 1: First round was Aptitude test . It was held On CoCubes. The test was divided into separate 2 sections. First 1 hour for 60 Aptitude question and Next 1 Hour for Coding.

The 60 Aptitude questions were divided as 20 Verbal  +  20 Logical  + 20 Quant.

You need to be very fast here. No negative Marking is there.


Coding Question

Everyone got a different set of questions. There were 2 codes to do in 60 min.

The codes were easy.

1.  find the count of elements in array whose difference from given num is less than or equal to given diff.

int  lessthandiff ( int [] arr, int num, int diff )



2.  find the sum of Kth small and Kth large element in the array .

int sum ( int arr[] , int k)



Other codes as follows

1. shift all the zeroes at the end of array

After this Round, 15 people were shortlisted for the next round.

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