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Barclays Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2021
Geek Week

Barclays visited our campus to hire freshers for the 2022 batch for the role of Business Analyst – BA3 and the work Location will be Pune & Chennai.  

Eligibility: CS & IT students from Final year, with ≥ 60% score across class X, XII, and engineering semesters.

We had the pre-placement talk on 12th August 2021, Thursday from 1 pm to 2 pm IST. The complete process consisted of two rounds; round 1 for coding and round 2 for the interview.

Round 1 (Online Test):

The first round was the coding round conducted on the Hacker-Earth platform. It had 30 MCQs and 2 coding questions; with a duration of 90 mins. The MCQs were from topics like:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • DBMS
  • Data Structure
  • Python
  • Servlets
  • OS

Coding questions were of Medium and Hard Difficulty levels. I could solve one completely and I was pretty sure about most of the MCQs. 21 students were shortlisted for the interview round and I was one of them.

Round 2 (HR + Tech Round):

He did not ask me to introduce myself but directly jumped on the technical stuff.

He skimmed through my resume and picked up my Java-based project and asked me to explain it. He then asked me the steps of establishing a JDBC connection in detail and also asked me to explain how and where I have used the Swings framework in my project. He also asked me a few project-related questions.

He then moved on to Java-based questions like:

  • What is a Singleton Class?
  • Is java 100% object-oriented or not?
  • Justify your claim for the above question
  • Wrapper class in detail with examples of boxing, unboxing
  • Final keyword with example
  • This keyword with example
  • Asked me what I know about the collections framework
  • I explained to him the 3 basic types and gave an example for each
  • Difference between Hashmap and HashTable
  • What are the arguments passed to run a java program
  • How is java code executed? (explain the JVM, JDK, and JRE concepts in brief)
  • Pillars of OOPs
  • Difference between runtime and compile-time polymorphism with an example

He was pretty much satisfied with my answers till now. Then he asked me about which databases I knew, I said I knew MongoDB and MySql. He picked up MongoDB and asked me the following questions:

  • Merits of MongoDB over MySql
  • What is scalability and explain about horizontal and vertical scalability
  • How is data stored in MongoDB and MySql and why is this configuration helpful
  • Insert techniques of MongoDB
  • Data Warehousing and the ETL Processes in detail
  • Difference between Delete and Truncate in MySQL
  • Which one is faster
  • Offset clause in MySQL

He then asked me how I spent my quarantine and how I maintained interaction with my friends. Then he asked me a question about my stock market portfolio since I told him I got into it in the lockdown itself.  

To conclude the interview he asked me if I had a question. I asked him 3 questions and he gladly answered those and then we signed off.

The interviewer was very polite and very much technically knowledgeable so in this case, one must simply say no if you do not know something rather than taking him for a ride, and trust me he’d catch hold of you then and there.  

Do complete research about the company, its principles, and their recent project (Linkedin is an effective tool). All this research will help you to come up with a witty question that would reflect your interest in the company and eventually impress the interviewer.

The results were out after 3 days and 8 were hired out of 21 and I was one of them. Keep all your basics clear and then you are good to go. Best of luck.  

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