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Barclays Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Online)

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  • Last Updated : 20 Nov, 2020
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Barclays visited my college (Usha Mittal Institute of Technology, SNDT) this year in August and conducted an online drive as follows.
 Selection Process:

Online Test: Firstly an online test was conducted on It had 30 MCQs + 2 coding questions. MCQ topics were java, databases, SQL, python, c/c++, mango, error handling, code snippets,  etc.

The coding section had 2 questions one easy and one medium level. One of my questions had a code snippet, and I was asked to code it in a way to minimize the time. 

Note: Everyone had different sets of questions.

The list of shortlisted candidates was out within one or two weeks. 18 people were shortlisted for the next round, that is the interview round.

Interview Round: There was just one interview, unlike the usual (technical + HR) interview. The shortlisted candidates were divided into two sets and each set was assigned with one interviewer. The interview was conducted on Webex. It was a one to one interview which went on for about 30-40 mins. 

The type of questions (technical or HR) depended on the interviewer. Mine was a mix of technical questions and a few HR ones. There were a few candidates who did not have any HR questions at all and vice versa.

Questions: The interview was started by him giving his introduction and then I was asked to give mine. Then he picked up a few points from my intro and asked me about it. Be smart with your introduction as it decides your interview route and is very important!

I had 3 projects on my resume, and he was interested mainly in the projects. So he asked me all about it. A few of the questions were:

  1. I had mentioned that we had designed our application keeping the colorblind people in mind. So he asked me what all we did for that.
  2. What were the technologies used?
  3. What were the difficulties faced by you while doing this project? Both technical and non – technical.
  4. How did you communicate with your client? (As he was from a non-technical background)
  5. Have you done any ML projects?
  6. OOPs, concepts. (inheritance, polymorphism,…)
  7. One DBMS question that I don’t remember exactly.

Then he asked me a few HR questions too. I don’t remember all of them but a few are:

  1. During these COVID-19 times, people in slums aren’t taking proper precautions. So what would you do?
  2. Give an example where you had to follow integrity. (Integrity is one of the values of Barclays)
  3. Do you have any questions?

The interviewer was very understanding, supportive, and patient. I had issues connecting to the audio and so had the interview on call. So if any technical issues arise, don’t panic they understand and help you out. 

Do read the Barclays values (RISES) before your interview.

The final list was out within a week and 10 of us were selected.

All the best! : )

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