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Barclays Interview Experience (On-Campus 2020)

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Hello Geeks,

I Would Like To Share My Barclays G.S.C Experience And Following Interview Experience. Barclays Visited My Campus (S.R.M. Institute Of Science And Technology Delhi N.C.R. Campus) On 3rd November 2020 For Their Summer Internship 2021. The Internship Profile Being Offered Was In The BUSINESS ANALYST Domain.  

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. C.G.P.A. Till 4th Semester >=7.5
  2. No Standing Arrears (No Backlogs Or Detentions While Applying For The Test)
  3. Eligible Academic Year:- Third Year Undergraduate
  4. Eligible Branches:- Computer Science And Engineering, I.T.

Around 300 Students From My Campus And Around 700 Students From The Main Campus (S.R.M. Kattankulathur Campus) Applied And Appeared For The Examination.

First A Webinar Was Conducted By The Barclays Team To Familiarize Students About Their Work Culture And Their R.I.S.E.S. Values. I Would Highly Recommend Attending This Webinar To Get Familiar With Their Core Values And Work Culture And The Interviewer Will Surely Ask Some Questions From This Webinar In The Last Round.

Round 1 (Proctored Online Test): Duration:- 1.5 Hours

The Test Was Conducted On HackerEarth. It Had 2 Sections. Section-A Had 30 Multiple Choice Questions & Section-B Had 2 Programming Questions

The MCQs Were On Java, Python, MongoDB, MySQL, JSON, Cloud Computing, JavaScript & C++ With the Majority Of Them On Java.

Half Of The Questions Were Theory-Based And The Other Half Were Output Based On JAVA & C++. I Would Highly Recommend Having An Excellent Knowledge Of Both JAVA & C++ To Ace Up The Online Round.

The 2 Programming Questions In Section-B Were Of 20 & 50 Marks Respectively. The 1st Question Was Easy And I Was Able To Solve It Easily. It Was Based On Number Theory. The 2nd Question Was Really Hard And Was A String Pattern Matching Question Quite Similar To The Z-Algorithm. Solving The 2nd Question Is Like A Bonus Because This Question Carries The Highest Marks. I Was Able To Solve Both The Questions.

The Results Came After 3-4 Days & I Was Able To Clear This Round And I Was The Only Boy From My Campus And Among The 7 Students From My Campus Who Qualified This Round.

We Were Then Told To Submit Our Respective C.V. On The Link Provided By The Placement Department.

Round 2 Interview Round: Managerial Round+HR Round. Duration: 35 Minutes

The Interview Round Was Conducted On 18th November 2020. It Was Both A Managerial Round & HR Round And Was Conducted On Webex. Every Candidate Was Assigned A Time Slot And An Interviewer. My Interviewer Was Very Friendly.

He Began My Interview By Telling Me To Introduce Myself & What Differentiates Yourself From Others. He Also Had A Little Discussion About My Hobbies And Extra-Curricular Activities & My Strength And Weaknesses. He Then Started Asking Me Questions About Team Management & Team Conflict. He Gave Me Many Scenarios Of Team Conflict And Asked A Solution For Those. He Gave Me Conflicts Which Can Arise During Working In a Team & Asked My Way Of Handling Them. 

Then He Asked Me About My Projects. I Had A Couple Of Projects In JAVA And He First Asked Me Why I Made These Projects, What Was My Goal For Making These Projects & The Technologies Used. He Then Asked Me Questions On OOPS & Told Me To Explain With An Example In JAVA. I Was Able To Answer All The OOPS Questions That The Interviewer Asked Me. At Last, He Told Me Whether I Had Any Questions For The Interviewer To Which I Asked Him About The Internship Role. My Interview Took Place For Around 35 Mins. 

Barclays Result Came After A Week. Unfortunately, I Was Not Selected, and 5 Girls Of S.R.M Kattankulathur Campus Were Selected,

Some Key Points That I Learned:

The Candidate Should

  • Have A Strong Knowledge Of JAVA Since It’s A Bank And They Prefer JAVA Candidates.
  • Have A Strong Knowledge Of OOPS And Databases.
  • Have Good Projects On Any One Of Major Technologies Like AI, Block-Chain Since The Students Who Were Finally Selected Had Really Good Projects On These Technologies. 
  • Be Confident & Honest Throughout The Interview.
  • Be Thorough With Your Resume & Only Mention Those Points & Projects In Your Resume With Which You Are Most Confident To Be Questioned On.
Last Updated : 25 Feb, 2021
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