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Barclays Interview Experience for Business Analyst | On-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2021
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Hello Geeks, I Would Like To Share My Barclays Experience And the Following Interview Experience. Barclays Visited My Campus on 29th July 2021 for 2022 hiring. The Hiring Profile Being Offered Was The BA3 (Business Analyst) position.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • With ≥ 60% Score Across Class X, XII, and Engineering Semesters.
  • Zero Active Backlogs, Zero Detention. 
  • Eligible Academic Year:- Third Year Undergraduate
  • Eligible Branches:- Computer Science, I.T.

Process Consists of 2 Rounds:

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical & HR Interview

Round 1(Online Test): It was held on the HackerEarth platform. The test consists of 20 MCQ and 2 coding questions. All questions are of medium-hard level difficulty. Solving several MCQs and solving 1 code that had greater points was enough to get a shortlist for interviews. After total 35 students got shortlisted for the interview. 

Round 2(Technical & HR Interview): The panelist was very friendly. She went through my resume and asked me to introduce myself. She then directly jumped to the project’s part. She asked several questions about my projects. (My projects were in the domain of Android development, augmented reality, and operating systems). Questions were: 

  1. What is augmented reality?
  2. Why only unity is used to create augmented reality projects? Can we use any other tool to build AR projects? 
  3. What is fragment lifecycle in android?
  4. What was the operating system’s project, explain it. 
  5. In android development which language do you prefer JAVA or Kotlin? 
  6. Basics of Kotlin. (Like how to declare variables, functions, etc.) 
  7. While doing the android project what safety measures do you take? (Like how will you identify the user is real existing human).
  8. What are cyber threats? 
  9. How do you plan to do any project? 

Then the panelist asked me about the technical part.

She asked me: 

  1. Tell me about OOP, what is inheritance?, what is Polymorphism? 
  2. Basics of JAVA.
  3. Arrays v/s Linked List, Stack v/s Queue 
  4. What is good code according to you?
  5. Why comments are important in any code? 
  6. What is IoT?
  7. What is REST? 
  8. MVC v/s MVCC

Then the panelist started asking me HR questions, questions were: 

  1. Explain whatever you know about Barclays.
  2. Explain Barclays values.
  3. Was there any situation where you had to take responsibility for the whole group? if yes explain that situation. 
  4. Have you helped any of your friend who is in a critical situation, if yes explain it? 
  5. Which languages do you prefer to learn in the upcoming year and tell what your plan will be to learn all of them? 
  6. What there any situation where your thoughts conflicted with your teammates while doing the projects? 

Tip: Barclays ask for everything mentioned in your resume. So, be careful about what you write in your resume. My interviewer didn’t leave a single question to ask about my resume.  

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