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Barclays BA3 Interview Experience for Internship

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  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2021
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BARCLAYS  visited our campus in the last week of October to hire interns for the 2022 Summer internship for the role of  BA3. Eligibility criteria were CGPA > 7.00 and no active backlogs. 3rd-year students of CS and IT branches were allowed to sit for the test. The complete process comprised of two rounds; round 1 for coding and round 2 for the interview.

Note: They don’t allow Diploma students for the process. 

Round 1(Online  Assessment):

  •  The first round was the coding round conducted on the Hacker-Earth platform.
  •  It comprised of 30 MCQs and 2 coding questions(One easy level difficulty mostly from Arrays and other is medium level difficulty. It can be of Graph ,DP ,Trees) with a duration of 90 mins.
  • Every student gets a different set of questions of varying difficulty.
  • The MCQs were from topics like: output based questions of C++, OOP concepts, MongoDB, Java, DBMS, OS, Java Script, Servlets, basic questions from Python was also there.
  • There was no negative marking for any of the MCQs. So be thorough with your concepts that will help you much in the MCQ part(it has a good weightage in Barclays).
  • Results are declared within a day or two and they’ll ask for your resume so be prepared with your resume.
  • From my college 31 students were shortlisted for the interview process.

Round 2(Technical Interview):

  • We had our OA test on 26’Oct and the interview was scheduled for 29’Oct from 5:00 AM-5:00 PM.
  • Barclays conduct only one interview round i.e. (Tech+HR) on CISCO WebEx. Also, In Barclays, the interviews are taken by VPs only so don’t panic that VP will ask you questions and all.
  • The interviewer was a bit late and he had my resume. He asked me the typical “tell me something about yourself”.
  • Firstly, he started with the Projects that I have mentioned in my Resume. (Explanation from basic to working of that project).
  • DBMS: Joins, Types of joins, Normalization, forms of normalization, then he asked me by giving two tables to convert it into 3NF.
  • OOPs: C++/Java is purely OOP or not. Why? Inheritance, Types of inheritance, real-life example of inheritance, Features of OOPs.
  • OS: What is OS, types of OS, Scheduling algorithms(Any two)
  • DCN: 7 layers of OSI model.
  • DSA: He asked about 3 situations and asked which Data Structure I will use and why? Difference between BFS and DFS.
  • That’s all about my Technical interview and I was not asked any of the HR questions.
  • Lastly, the interviewer asked if I had any questions for him. So, be ready with one or two good questions you can ask them that’ll show your curiosity and attentive nature.
  • Barclay’s specific question is its values Barclays values i.e. RISES(Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Stewardship)

So, finally, on 30’Oct the final results came and there were 23 students and I was one of them who was offered a Summer Internship in Barclays.


  • Be thorough with your resume and write what you know very well. Don’t lie on that.
  • Practice a good set of questions available on gfg, leetcode and hackerrank etc. whatever suits you. 
  • You can refer to geeksforgeeks and interview bit for your core subjects like DBMS, OOP, OS, DCN, etc.
  • Be confident in front of the interviewer.
  • Do read Archives from gfg a day before your interview.
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