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Barclays BA3 Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

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  • Last Updated : 28 Nov, 2021
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Barclays visited our university for the full-time hiring of 2022 graduates. The eligibility criteria for sitting in the process was 60% and above throughout your academics, i.e., 10th, 12th, and engineering. The eligible branch for applying was CSE and IT.


  1. Coding+Technical
  2. Technical+HR interview

Round 1(Online Test): The first round comprised 30 MCQ questions and 2 programming questions.

Exam Date: 21-October.

Time: 1hr 30min.

Platform: HackerEarth.

MCQ’s: Java, C++, Python, SQL, MongoDB, OOPS. MCQs contain mostly theory questions and some output questions from C++, Java, and python. 

Programming Questions: My first question was partially accepted (only 2 test case doesn’t pass) and my second question was fully accepted. 

  • Questions are of medium level and both are of graph. 
  • One coding question was 20 marks and one of 50. For acing this round, you need to keep your concepts clear.

Round 2(Interview): My interview was on 22-October, Time: 50 min.

  • There was going to be only one interview. It was conducted on Cisco WebEx. The interviewer was quite friendly and mostly the Barclay interviews are taken by their VP’s. They mostly asked theory questions in my case he ask questions on DS,OOPS, DBMS,OS, C++, and Java.
  • The first question was “Tell me about yourself” and then he asked me about my projects in detail . After that, he asked me some basic questions on HTML, CSS like tags related questions, and all as I mention in a web development project. DS basic questions like Pointers,advantanges and disadvantages of it, Doubly linked list. OOPS Basic Question Like Abstraction, encapsulation, and inheritance with their real life examples. 
  • HR questions are related to Barclay value, RISES with some Situation-based questions.
  • And at the end, he asked “any question for me?”, and I was ready for that. I asked him 2 questions.

Results came that day itself and I was happy to see my name on the list.


  • Mention only those things in your resume about which you are confident to answer.
  • Read every archive and interview experience related to the company.
  • Do good research about the company and in Barclay read its value and purpose thoroughly.
  • It is important to ask a good question at the end to the interviewer.
  • Be prepared for “tell me about yourself” as first impression matters.


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