banner command in Linux with examples

banner command in linux is used to print the ASCII character string in large letter to standrad output.


banner text

Example 1: Printing “1234567890” in large letters.

Example 2: Printing “GeeksforGeeks” in large letters. There are two things:

  • First, all the letter will be displayed in Capital letters in standard output.
  • Second, only “GEEKSFORGE” will be printed as banner has a default capacity of 10 characters in a word. After that, you have to give space which is shown in further examples.

Example 3: Printing “Geeks for Geeks” on display.

Example 4: Trying to print 1234567890123 in a single word but only 1234567890 will be printed on display.

info banner or man banner command : It displays help information.

Note: If the terminal shows banner not found, then in UBUNTU use ‘sudo apt install sysvbanner‘ or ‘sudo apt install banner‘ to download it.

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