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  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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Round 1: Online Coding Test

  1. There are n ticket sellers, each of whom has a certain amount of tickets. The price of each ticket is the number of tickets that ticket-seller has. The number of tickets they want to sell is k. Find the maximum amount that they can earn by selling k tickets. (The PriorityQueue based greedy solution does not pass all test cases, so think of a linear-time one).
  2. There was a second question on binary strings that I can’t recall now.

Round 2

  1. Given a stream of words, print all possible dictionary anagrams of each word. Assume you have a dictionary which tells you if a word is valid or not. (You don’t have to worry about its implementation)
  2. Towers of Hanoi

Round 3
Phone screening with AVP who is based out of Chennai. Lengthy discussion on why I’m leaving my current company, the exact work I did, bugs I was faced with and solved, described in detail my latest project, why BankBazaar?

  1. Given a string, find out if it is composed of a repeating pattern. For example, String s = “xyzxyzxyz” is xyz * 3 (so the function returns true), and for “abcabcd” it returns false
    (Solution is at

Round 4

  1. Given an m x n matrix filled with integer values, find the sub-matrix with the largest sum
  2. Write two APIs hasPath(A,B) and buildPath(A,B), where A and B represent two locations. Discussion on which implementation (adjacency list vs matrix) is suitable for what kind (dense, sparse) of graphs, time complexities for all common operations for each, and common test cases/possible bugs

Round 5 : Round with HR.

A very long discussion about what BankBazaar does, some history about the company, why BankBazaar, personal interests and hobbies, etc.
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