Bank of America Continuum Pvt Ltd. Interview Experience

Bank Of America visited our campus for on-campus placement for the post of Senior Technical Associate at five locations across India. There was an online test followed by a one-day interview process, after which selected candidates were offered a Letter of Intent.

The first round comprised of MCQ questions including aptitude, logical, and 2 coding questions. The test duration was 90 minutes. To prepare for sections except for the coding section, Indiabix is a good place. The coding questions were Beginner level and ideally took about 15 minutes to solve one question.
Explicit direction was given on the test portal to focus on right answers and not on the time constraints. So, an inefficient but complete code was preferred over efficient but incomplete code.

Question 1: Given a number n, find out the lexicographically smallest permutation of the number
Question 2: A man starts from point O. A sequence of directions is fed as input in form of string. Each character of string is ‘E, W, N, S’ representing directions – East, West, North, South. Find the minimum distance between O and finish point after traversing the directions given as input. Each is 1 unit in distance.

Round 1

Round 2

The rounds were primarily based on resume. Appropriate time and space were given to answer the questions asked. So, I would suggest to revise the resume and be prepared to answer questions asked around it. Also, be confident.

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