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Bank of America (BA Continuum) On-Campus Placement

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Bank of America (BA Continuum) visited our college in the month of December 2019 for campus placements. It was under the dream category. They were looking only for students from Information Technology and Computer Science Engineering as they were recruiting for Global Business Solutions & Technology. There were 2-3 rounds of interview apart from the online test which was followed by a Pre-Placement Talk. The number of rounds varied for many people. Each round was an elimination round. Before going for the interviews please research on the company.   Round 1: The first round was an online aptitude test conducted on AMCAT platform. This consisted of 4 parts.
  • Verbal aptitude which was simple (sentence corrections, small RC’s, parajumbles, synonyms).
  • Logical Reasoning (Seating arrangements, directions, coding-decoding, etc).
  • Quantitative Aptitude (Time and work, time and distance, percentages, ratios, etc).
  • Coding round. The coding round had two questions which were pretty simple. The only disadvantage with the online compiler is that the string functions were not working.
Around 200 students attended this round, out of which 80 were selected for the process. Round 2: This was a face to face technical interview. The difficulty of the interview depends on the interviewer. For me the interviewer was very kind and made me comfortable. Most of the questions shot at me was from my resume, so be thorough with whatever you put on your resume. Half boiled knowledge will not help you progress to the next round. Some of the questions asked were:
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Write an algorithm to check if a number is prime or not. (They are looking only for the logic and not the syntax. They will help if you get stuck somewhere)
  • Which is your favorite subject. (I answered DBMS, hence the questions followed where on that).
  • What is Indexing and types of indexing.
  • What is the DBMS which you have worked in. (Like oracle, mySql, etc)
  • Mathematical puzzle based on permutation and combination.
  • About my internships.
  • About my projects.
  • About my extra-curricular activities.
They want to make sure that you are strong with your basics and whatever you have mentioned on your resume is true. Round 3:  This again was a F2F technical interview. Even in this round the interviewer was so kind. Questions:
  • Tell me about yourself and your interests.
  • Why did you choose Information Technology?
  • Which is your favorite subject?
  • Have you done any projects on DBMS?(since I told her my favorite subject is DBMS)
  • Draw the necessary tables for your project.
  • An Sql query based on join to extract the data from 2 tables which I drew.
  • Asked me whether I am comfortable with Data Structures. (I said no)
  • She asked me to explain all the OOPS concepts.
  • While i was explaining she wrote down a question based on inheritance and asked me to predict the output for it.
  • Asked me what i know about the company.
The results were announced and the Letter of Intent was given to us on the same day. Out of the 80 students attended 35 were offered the job. It was a huge sigh of relief as i was trying to get placed almost for 6 months. Though I had offers from a couple of mass recruiters i wasn’t satisfied with that. The most important lesson which i learnt in the placement season is that NEVER EVER GIVE UP and NEVER LOSE HOPE. If you don’t get what you want, never worry. You will get what you deserve and that will be huge. Life is filled with surprises and you never know what is in store for you. The most important point is never fall prey to PEER PRESSURE. Be happy for them. Winners never feel jealous of others’ success. They act as a catalyst to bring out the best out of them. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR PLACEMENT SEASON!!  

Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2019
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