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Bank of America (BA) Continuum India Pvt Ltd. Interview Experience

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Recently, BA Continuum India visited our campus for recruitment. There were total 4 rounds.

Round 1:

This round was a general aptitude test, which consisted of 4 different sections:

Section – 1: English Proficiency (sentence ordering, paragraph, synonyms, antonyms etc.)

Section – 2: Technical MCQs (includes basic C/C++ input output questions, DSA, DBMS, Computer Networks etc.)

Section – 3: Quantitative Questions (P & C, Ratio, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Mixtures, Work and Time etc.)

Section – 4: Logical Questions (directions, clocks, assertion reasoning, decode patterns etc.)

Each section had specific time for it.

Round 2:

This round was a face to face interview. Initially we had to submit our resumes and one by one we were called for the interview. The interview started off with a basic discussion about my projects. I had mentioned 4 major projects in my resume so the interviewer asked me to explain all the projects in detail. He asked some basic questions related to the projects. He was quite satisfied with the way I explained.

Then he asked me, in which programming language I was comfortable in, I said C++. He then gave me a real time scenario:

Given a finite number of hours, number of interviewers, and total number of applicants, I had to write a code such that the interviews are completed in the minimum possible time.

He was mostly interested in looking at my approach, though I was not able to write the proper code but I explained him my logic and he was ok with it.

It was a 20 mins interview.

Round 3:

This was the second technical interview round. The interviewer again asked me to explain the project I did during my internship and then she asked me some questions related to it.

After that she asked me to explain the concept of polymorphism with real time example and also she asked me about inheritance and its types.

Then she asked me to design my own hash table. So I explained her about my approach that how I will make a hash code, and how will I handle the collision problem. I explained the types of hashing i.e. open and closed hashing, what is separate chaining, linear probing, and quadratic probing etc.

After that she asked me about the sorting algorithms and asked me to write codes for bubble sort, merge sort. She asked me the time complexities of all the sorting algorithms like heap sort etc. Then I was asked to write codes for binary search both recursive and iterative and dry run for a given example array.

The interview was about 30 mins and I was told that I cleared the round.

Round 4:

This was the HR round. Basically it was a formality. The HR asked me about the company, who’s the CEO of the company and whether I was open for relocation.

It was a 10 mins interview and we were asked to wait for the final results.

Results were announced in the night and I was selected. The job profile that we were offered was of Sr. Tech Associate.

Last Updated : 22 Aug, 2018
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