Bank Of America (BA Continuum India Pvt. Ltd.) Campus Recruitment

Approved Offer.

Bank Of America has visited our college for on campus recruitment . The recruitment consisted of 4 Rounds in total.

The recruitment was for BA Continuum India  Pvt Ltd. the technical field of BOA

Round 1:

This round was a general aptitude test, English proficiency, quantitative analysis and the logical questions. This was time specific f0r each and every section. Try practicing from GFG, indiabix and careerride youtube videos.

Round 2:  TECHNICAL 1

This was a face to face technical interview. I was asked to submit my resume and then was asked to wait until my name was called out. The interview went around 30-40 minutes.

The interviewer started with a very basic aptitude problem( dices probability) and then he asked me a puzzle of water jug problem. Then he asked me to explain my projects in the resume and about the experience I had in the previous organization.

After that he went forward with the technical questions consisting of CODING problems .

  1. What is recursion? Find the length of a linked list using recursion
    This was to test the basics of the datastructure
  2. Balanced Parentheses problem
  3. Find the position of the first unbalanced parentheses?

Round 3: TECHNICAL 2

It was another technical round. This round was based on advanced coding.

  1. Base conversion. Given a number in 10 format convert it into base of 6?
  2. Matrix generation.
  3. Backtracking question

The interviewers above solely focused on the approach or the pseudo code and helped if we got stuck somewhere.

Round 4: HR ROUND

Here the HR was very friendly and asked about whether you are able to relocate if asked?

At last I was given a feedback by the interviewers as strong logical and coding skills . I received the offer letter on that day itself at night.

Position: Senior Tech Associate, Bank Of America

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