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Bajaj Finserv Health Interview Experience for Salesforce Developer(Java) Internship+FTE (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2022
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Round-1 (API-based question )

  • The first round was an API-based round which was fairly straightforward.
  • They provided us with a post API wherein we had to post the details of our name, registration number, and email address.
  • We just had to create an object which contained all the details and post it to their API.
  • This round consisted of 2 parts, in the first part we had to post the details to the API and upon successful posting, we received the second part of the question 
  • In the second part of the question, we had to do the same thing just we had to change the formatting of the data.

Tips: I would say if anyone has even the slightest of ideas as to how POST and GET commands work they could easily solve the question.

The total time for this round was 1 hour.

Round-2 ( Coding + MCQ round )

  • This round was specific to the role applied for as mine was for a salesforce developer(java), my paper was of 1 hour 30 minutes and consisted of 15 MCQ questions and 2 coding questions.
  • Mcqs were a mix of aptitude, java based output, OOPS and DBMS.
  • The first question was a DP question and the second question was of array
  • The questions were on the tough side but you didn’t have to solve all the questions to reach the next round, running partial test cases would have made the cut

Round-3 ( Technical Interview Round-1 )

  • This round was a 1v1 physical interview round.
  • First, he asked me to introduce myself, then he went through my resume and asked a few questions about it.
  • Then he picked on my project which was a database management project and asked for details about the table structure and schemas of the project and what my role was in the project. Then he asked a few queries from the tables
  • Then he asked me a few questions about oops and the operating system.
  • Then he asked me about linked lists and asked me a question about how to find a loop in a linked list, for this I had to write a pseudo code in a paper
  • Then he asked me a question to sort an array of strings containing “1”, “2”, “3” ….., “john”, “Amanda” like this so we had to sort the numbers first in ascending order, and the names also in ascending order.

Tips: You should know every word of your Resume.

Round-4 ( Technical Interview Round-2 )

  • It was a 1v1 round with a senior salesforce developer
  • It was not a very long round just lasted for 10 mins.
  • He asked me a few queries about DBMS and asked me a few questions related to cloud computing and how we use different cloud services for different scenarios
  • Then he went through my resume and asked about my internship and what I did there.
  • Then we had a small discussion about how salesforce is used in their organization and what work is done there.

Tips: It’s a mixed type of round where they check your speaking skills, your attitude as well as your technical skill.

Round-5 ( HR Round )

  • It was a very small round where in there were 2-panel members and they asked about myself, my interests and why did I apply for this role
  • A little about my background and my hobbies
  • We discussed their work in the company

Tips: Be yourself and answer accordingly.

The overall experience and smooth,  the Api round was conducted on the first day and the coding round was conducted the next day. All the interviews were conducted on the same day.

I got selected for the role.

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