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Bajaj Finserv Health Interview Experience for Backend Developer (Internship + PPO) Off-Campus

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The complete drive consisted of 5 rounds, of which 2 were online rounds and 2 offline technical interviews and the last was an HR round. When we were registering for the company, we were asked about our domain and then the online rounds and technical interviews had different kinds of questions for different roles.  I applied for the Backend – Node JS role. The roles available were: 

  • Backend (Node or Java)
  • Data Science (Python)
  • Frontend (React or React native)
  • Salesforce Developer (JAVA)

Round 1 (online – 3 hrs): It was the online round and we were asked to create an API using any of the backend frameworks (Node.js / JAVA)

Round 2 (online – 1hrs): This round was conducted on the hacker rank platform. It consisted of 15 node.js and mongo DB questions. 3 aptitude-based questions and there was 1 programming question. (Programming question was medium-hard and we were allowed to use only Node.js for it).

Round 3 – Technical Interview – I (offline – 1hr): This was a face-to-face interview. It had some DSA-based questions and some nodes. js-javascript-based questions. Questions asked:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Explain your project architecture.
  • The first recurring character in the string.
  • Clone a stack.
  • Rainwater trapping problem.
  • Given an array, A[] and a number x, check for pair in A[] with a sum as x
  • Rate yourself in node.js
  • Bind vs call vs apply in javascript
  • Difference between == and ===
  • Write down anyone AJAX method
  • Write down node.js code for getting requests where you have to query the MongoDB database and find the employee with id.

Round 3 – Technical Interview – II (offline – 1hr): This round was mostly about the resume. First, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself and then asked me questions about my past internship i.e., what kind of work I’ve been doing and my day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. Then going over my resume asked me some questions about the technology skills I’ve mentioned. Then he asked me why did I choose node.js over other frameworks. Also asked me for some object-oriented programming concepts. I was asked one programming question at last-

  • Compress the string. Given string = “aaabbfcccc”

      Ans: “3a2bf4c”

HR Round (offline – 15 mins): It was a short round. The first question was introducing myself and then quickly going through the resume. Then asked questions about my hobbies and my family and am I willing to relocate.

Results were declared after everyone’s interviews were completed on the same day. Overall experience was good but all the offline rounds were held on the same day so it was a bit tiring. At last, I was offered an internship for a year.

Last Updated : 21 Apr, 2022
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