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Project Idea | (Remote Lab Assistance)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2015
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The idea is to provide a framework for students and instructor. The framework provides an instructor-friendly remote monitoring of lab, effective evaluation, and grading methodology. The system also provides a student-friendly remote login, software access, and problem resolution through effective help from the teacher. The framework can be easily implemented as a client–server in Java.

Instructor Panel:
    a) Sees icons for all students. Can click on an icon to see what student is doing.
    b) Can chat with students
    c) Can identify copying/opening windows other than IDE. An icon blinks if there is a sudden change in picture.

Student Panel:
    a) Can send a help request to instructor.
    b) Can chat with instructor

We can capture screenshots of all students and send them at fixed intervals (say 2 seconds) to the instructor.

Java provides rich libraries for networking and Image processing. Java and Netbeans can be downloaded from below link:

a) Image compression techniques specialized for images that contains programming text.
b) Feature (c) mentioned in instructor panel is interesting.

IEEE Transaction paper on Addressing the Bandwidth Efficiency, Control, and Evaluation Issues in Software Remote Laboratory

If you also wish to showcase your project idea here, please send an email to

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