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AxiomIO Interview Experience for Software Developer Intern

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  • Last Updated : 26 Nov, 2020

I do build Mobile Apps and Websites. I’m in my final year under the Computer Science Department at Lendi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh.

Recently, I went through an interview process at AxiomIO for the Software Developer Intern Position. I got the interview opportunity through a referral. He saw my profile and my work then he referred me to AxiomIO. And I’m very thankful to him.

Basically for me, the Interview Process took 4 rounds. All the rounds were nice and the interviewers were friendly in the process. So let me go through the interview rounds in brief:

Round 1 (Technical): First-round was about 30 mins. It started with the basic question. 

  1. Tell me about yourself. Told about myself while I was telling about one of my projects ‘Talent Connect’ interviewer stopped and the discussion went more towards that project, he said he heard about that app somewhere and the discussion went on it.
  2. Asked me a programming question related to Arrays. Took some time and answered it. Again asked me to come up with another efficient solution. Took some time and gave my answer.
  3. Asked me a logical question. The question was related to persons and a bridge asked me to give the minimum time required. I took some again to think and gave an answer. But again he asked if there any other efficient answer. I tried again, gave another two answers. I don’t know whether I’m right or wrong. The interviewer said ok.

Also, the discussion went on my projects and my resume. 

That’s the wrap for Round 1

Round 2 (Technical): Second-round was also about 30 mins (Technical)

Started with the self-introduction. Told about myself. The interviewer went through my resume. Checked my projects and all through the links which I provided. The discussion went more on my projects and the work that I did and about the work experience that I had. He also checked with my GitHub Profile checked my GitHub activity.

Asked me a Logical Question: Took some time and gave an answer. He asked me to explain the process of how I approached to solve that problem

Asked me another Logical Question: Took some time to think and came up with an answer. Again asked me to share how I solved that problem. More discussion went on my projects, resume. Particularly discussion went on one of my project ‘Talent Connect’ and others as well

That’s a wrap for Round 2

Round 3 (Project Demo – Talent Connect): This is not a typical interview round. Based on the previous round. Interviewer scheduled a 30-min working demo on my project ‘Talent Connect’ on the same day

Along with the interviewer, 3 other people also joined for the demo

Then I gave a working demo for the project ‘Talent Connect’ on both the mobile app and website. We discussed the ideas on how the project can be taken to the next level. Discussed how I implemented and how I built it. They asked me some questions regarding the project. I answered them accordingly. 

They said to me that they liked my project and give me some good suggestions on how I can improve it. 

With the discussion on the project, It’s a wrap for the demo

Round 4 (Technical – Final Round): This is the final round with the CTO of the company. It was for about 1 hour.

 Started with the self-introduction

  1. Asked me on basic self details and all
  2. Asked me a Logical Question with given hints. Not an easy one but requires the presence of mind and able to take the given hints properly. Took some time. I tried but I did not answer it well.
  3. Gave a program to me asked me to write code while sharing the screen. I took the time to understand the problem first. I did not understand the question properly. The interviewer helped me in understanding the question. There is one test case given.

I chose C++ to write the code. Somehow I was able to find a solution and write the code and execute it with the test case passed in the brute force method.

And then the interviewer asked me to optimize the code in some areas. I optimised in 1 area as asked. For another optimisation, he gave me the answer and how to solve it. And then the basic questions went on about myself with some suggestions on what areas should I improve on.

That’s a wrap for the final round

On the same day, HR called me and said that I was selected for the Software Developer Intern position

Overall the interview experience was good and friendly. Hope this helps you


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