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AWT Full Form

Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2023
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AWT stands for Abstract Window Toolkit. It is a platform-dependent API to develop GUI (Graphical User Interface) or window-based applications in Java. It was developed by Sun Microsystem In 1995. It is heavy-weight in use because it is generated by the system’s host operating system. It contains a large number of classes and methods, which are used for creating and managing GUI.

AWT Full Form Abstract Window Toolkit

Java AWT Hierarchy

Java AWT Hierarchy

Characteristics of AWT

  • It is a set of native user interface components.
  • It is very robust in nature.
  • It includes various editing tools like graphics tool and imaging tools.
  • It uses native window-system controls.
  • It provides functionality to include shapes, colors and font classes.

Advantages of using AWT

  • It takes very less memory for development of GUI and executing programs.
  • It is highly stable as it rarely crashes.
  • It is dependent on operating system so performance is high.
  • It is easy to use for beginners due to its easy interface.

Disadvantages of using AWT

  • The buttons of AWT does not support pictures.
  • It is heavyweight in nature.
  • Two very important components trees and tables are not present.
  • Extensibility is not possible as it is platform dependent

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