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Awaken the Memer in You – GFG Hiring Challenge

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Today’s digital world is immensely surrounded by Memes! From Instagram Feed to Quora Answers to WhatsApp Groups – memes are everywhere. And don’t you think how interesting and quite witty is this that a simple image can make the entire world laugh. Yeah, that’s actually the power of memes!  


With that being said, the meme culture is now not only limited to having fun or a good laugh but it has become a full-fledged career option too. Yes, you heard it right! You can build an enriching career for yourself as a ‘Meme Maker’. There are various companies that are hiring individuals who can come up with engaging, humorous, and trending meme templates for them.  

In a similar context, let us tell you – GeeksforGeeks is looking for a Meme Officer who can create quality and authentic meme templates for various social media platforms. It is a work-from-home internship opportunity for students from B.Tech or BCA courses. And yes, let us tell you that it would be a paid internship i.e. you will get the monthly stipend.  

*The Hiring Process for Meme Officer (Internship) is already started from December 09, 2021*

Let’s check out the specific details from below:

  • Designation: Meme Officer
  • Role: Internship
  • Eligibility: B.Tech / BCA students (with a strong meme game)
  • Location: Remote

GeeksforGeeks Meme Officer: Interview Rounds

There will be 3 interview rounds for the ‘Meme Officer’ profile at GeeksforGeeks. The details for each of the round is as follows:  

  • Round 1 – It is the Preliminary Round. Here you need to submit the provided Application Form (Google Form). In this application form, you will have to submit 2/3 meme templates as the assignment. Based on the quality of these templates, you will be shortlisted for the second round.
  • Round 2 – In this second round, you’ll be asked to create a topical/situational meme (can be used as a reply). The candidates who will perform the best in this round will be selected for the final interview round.
  • Round 3 – It is the final round where you will be asked several general or behavioral interview questions.

GeeksforGeeks Meme Officer: Who Can Apply?

As mentioned above, students from B.Tech or BCA courses can apply for the ‘Meme Officer’ profile at GeeksforGeeks. Candidates must ensure to satisfy the below-mentioned points before applying for the opportunity.

  • Available for the work from home internship
  • Can start the work from home internship from Jan’22
  • Own laptop and good internet connection
  • Have required & relevant skills and interests

Apply Here –

GeeksforGeeks Meme Officer: Skill(s) Required

The candidates who possess the below-mentioned skills can apply for the ‘Meme Officer’ profile at GeeksforGeeks:

  • Good Meme Knowledge
  • Familiarity with Social Media Platforms and Latest Trends
  • English Proficiency (Spoken & Written)

GeeksforGeeks Meme Officer: Work Responsibilities and Perks  

The ‘Meme Officer’ is a work from home internship by GeeksforGeeks where the day-to-day responsibilities of the selected interns will include:

  • Creating at least 2 memes daily (Monthly at least 25)
  • Creating content related to trending topics
  • Ensuring that the content is plagiarism-free, error-free, and as per the given guidelines

Meanwhile, while working as a GFG Meme Officer, you will get a lot of perks and benefits like Monthly Stipend (Fixed+Variable), Letter of Recommendation, and most importantly, you’ll be a part of a team you can boast of!

Truly, this ‘Meme Officer’ work from home internship by GeeksforGeeks is a great opportunity for all the artistic and visionary individuals who understand and believe in the power of Memes! So, if you want to showcase your meme-making skills to the world and make some decent amount of money as well – then, do apply for this GeeksforGeeks Meme Officer Internship Role.  

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Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2023
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