Avizva Campus Placement

Round 1:Online Test

Aptitude, logical and reasoning test and 4 coding questions.

I managed to finish the first sections in 10 mins. Each section has an individual cut off of aptitude logical and reasoning questions and I  move to coding round in which I had done 3 questions completely and 1 question partially (1 test case was not passed).

Finally, I cleared this round and  45 got selected in the first round.

Round 2: 60 minutes round(Super 60 round)

It was a creative round in which we have to think and speak for 60 seconds continuously.

In this round, they gave me a random picture (the chit-pull system)  in which I got a joker picture and I spoke 50 seconds continuously and finish my points and came out. But finally, I cleared that round  21 was selected out of 45

Round 3:Personal/Technical Interview 

I was nervous since it was the first interview of my life. I was asked to tell about myself(He listened to everything very carefully). After that, they asked about my internship and what I learned. After that they asked technical questions and OOPs concepts, Data Structure, etc. Almost all of the questions were based on whatever I wrote on my resume, skills, projects, etc.

In a personal interview, they asked about my plans for further studies and why you want to join our company what you like in this company and some more basics questions. And finally, 11 got selected and I was one of them.

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