AVI Full Form

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave.It could be a mixed media holder organize presented by Microsoft in Nov ‘92 as portion of its Video for Windows program. AVI records can contain both sound and video information in a record holder that permits synchronous audio-with-video playback.AVI video record organize got to be cleared up within the rise of the Web, permitting people to share video records. Nowadays, AVI record format remains one of the foremost prevalent among diverse video groups. Both novices and experts alike depend on it for video generation.



  • Non-hardware video playback capabilities.
  • Synchronization control and real-time playback.
  • VFW player can productively play AVI records which put away on the difficult disk and CD-ROM.
  • Provide open AVI computerized video record structure.
  • AVI record can be altered


  • There are parcels of codecs as of now accessible that can be utilized to realize craved compression proportion of AVI sound organize. Illustrations incorporate DivX and XviD.
  • AVI video arrange has especially high quality sound fidelity. In arrange to create it consistent with the DV standard, DV-AVI standard can be compressed not at all like other audio/video formats.
  • AVI record organize is created by Windows, which makes it playable with all the major Microsoft and non-Microsoft working systems
  • Playable DVDs and disks can be made by utilizing AVI record arrange in arrange to store beginning audio/video information.
  • AVI record arrange does not require any specific equipment gadget of computer program application for the record to run.
  • This consequently progresses the number of people that can open AVI organize records.


  • AVI records, on the off chance that uncompressed, can be exceptionally huge in estimate as compared to the other record designs.
  • You must be willing to exchange plate space for the benefits of the AVI record and will not be able to store as numerous files. AVI records, in the event that compressed past certain limits, result within the misfortune of video quality.
  • AVI isn’t dependable for supporting softsubs.
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