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Avaya Interview Experience | Set 1 (On Campus)

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Avaya visited our college for campus hiring.The selection process was as follows:-

1 – Aptitude test
Avaya had own platform for Aptitude test. It had 50 mcqs – 25 questions in technical and 25 in non technical section. MCQs were mainly based on basic maths, logic, computer science, c++ concepts. Time duration was 1 hr. Questions were easy.
16 people were shortlisted for interview.

2 – Tech interview 1
Questions were as follows:-

  • Solution to Dining Philosophers problem.
  • Difference between mutex and semaphore
  • Questions about critical section
  • Explain normalization in DBMS with example.
  • Write SQL query to find top 2 performers in a test.
  • Explain different phases of compiler,which data structure can be used for symbol table.
  • Some basic linux commands
  • Questions related to hashing, hash function calculation, significance of hashing, Different techniques for collision resolution in hashing.
  • Explain inheritance and abstraction with examples.
  • Questions related to compile time and run time polymorphism
  • Program 1- Insert node in doubly linked list
  • Program 2- Check whether a singly linked list is palindrome or not
  • Puzzle- There are n number of coins. All the coins have same weight except one.How to find that coin?
    Then some of us were called for 2nd technical interview

3 – Tech interview 2
They asked me which language I am comfortable with.I chose java .
Questions were as follows:-

  • Brief discussion of project work done during Internship and questions based on that
  • Questions based on string literal pool concept and immutable class in java.
  • How will you implement own immutable class
  • Questions related to singleton class
  • Questions related to static binding and dynamic binding.
  • Checked vs unchecked exceptions
  • Question related to serialization
  • Interface and abstract class difference
  • Program 1 – A square matrix of integers is given. In each row and column, integers are sorted in descending order . Some of the integers are -ve. How to find number of -ve integers in minimum time?
  • Puzzle – Switching 100 light bulbs puzzle

4 – HR interview
General Questions on family background, extra curricular activities, why Avaya?,what are your future plans?

Finally they selected 4 people and I was one of them. Thanks a lot to GeeksforGeeks!!


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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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