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Avaya Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

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I had appeared for AVAYA written test + Interview in August 2020 through college placement for a Software Engineer role.

Total 3 rounds conducted

Round 1(Test MCQ + Coding + Code Debugging): So round 1 was of average level. There were some MCQ on 

  • General Aptitude 
  • Verbal Aptitude
  • Numerical Aptitude 
  • Core subjects like Operating system, Computer Network, Object-Oriented programming, and C/C++ Programming. 

These were not very hard questions; you just need to know the basic concept. 

Then there were 1Easy 2 Medium Coding questions. I think even if your code could at least satisfy all the given test cases only, you would get full marks for that problem (first try to cover the given test case and see if you get full marks). Then one or two debugging codes were there in which you must complete/modify the code. Those were also not very hard. So around 18 people cleared this round.

Round 2(Coding): Round 2 was on the same day just after the results of round 1 and lasted for almost 45-50min. They did not ask me a single question from my resume, though I had submitted it beforehand. There were 2 people interviewing me. 

First, they gave a problem statement and a sample test case. It was from strings topic. So, I had to share the screen and write code in notepad. I started with the given test case along with few cases I could think of and explained them. Then he gave a test case which was not satisfying the written code. I modified the code now it was satisfying. Then he modified the question a little. Now almost 30 minutes passed. This was a little trickier. So, he asked if I could at least tell the logic. I told him. I thought of it as something like doing stack operations. Then they said Ok. After they asked me about storage classes and auto, static, global variables, their scopes, and lifetimes in code. They gave a code where I had to tell the value of variables after code execution and scope and lifetimes of variables. Overall easy and went well.  Among 18, only 9 people cleared this round.

 Round 3(HR + Technical): This round lasted for almost 45 min. There were an HR and a technical person. So firstly, they asked me to introduce myself. Then the technical questions started.


  1. Tell me about one of your projects? So, I started talking about the project that we (as a team) did in Smart India Hackathon 2020. 
  2. He started asking about SIH, what prizes we got etc. things. 
  3. He asked a couple of questions about the project and that went well, and then he asked to show the code as well. 
  4. He asked which language I know neatly. I said C/C++. He asked for JAVA, but I had not had any experience in that. 
  5. A question on Communication in Client-Server Systems and what is sockets, what are remote procedural calls, from the operating system (you can find this in Galvin Textbook section 3.6). I could not answer this question clearly. 
  6. The next questions were easy then (I do not know why) like one from SQL queries, one from networking these went well. This wrapped up in almost 30 min.


  1. Tell me a little about you, your background?
  2. Why do you want to join AVAYA?
  3. What are your strengths?
  4. What are weaknesses?
  5. If your colleague is doing something wrong at the workplace (knowingly or unknowingly) what will you do?

She did listen to everything I said very calmly and rarely cross-questioned me. This wrapped up un in around 15 min. Among 9 students who appeared in this round, they selected 4 only. Unfortunately, I did not get selected, but it was a good experience.

Personal Opinion: Overall, I would suggest preparing the resume and at least one project very thoroughly with code. Core subjects like Programming Concepts C/C++ OS, CN, DBMS should also be thorough (even though we know concepts, but sometimes we could not phrase them in proper words so keep this also in mind).

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Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2021
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