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Avalara Technologies Interview Experience (On-Campus Recruitment 2021)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 Feb, 2021

This is my personal experience of an On-campus drive for the Avalara Technologies 2021 batch. Whole recruitment process comprised of 4 rounds.

Round 1 (CODING): This was an online coding round consisting of a total of 3 questions conducted on HackerRank platform. The questions were of moderate difficulty. 1st Question was related to simple A-level code forces round-level questions. 2nd question was again was of moderate difficulty which was of standard DP question. 3rd question was of C level Codeforces round.

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The result of 1st round was announced within 2 weeks. 30 students were shortlisted for Round-2.

Round 2 (TECHNICAL): This was a technical round that was about 1hr long. In this round, I was tested for my OOPS skills, basic programming skills. Programming questions were related to string manipulation. Basic SQL questions were asked like (to output all the names of the person starting with vowels), Return the rows in sorted order basis on the income of the person. In the oops concept I was asked to code inheritance, polymorphism as a sample program.

Round 3 (TECHNICAL): This was also a technically based round. In this round, mostly project-related questions were asked. After a short discussion about my projects, programming questions were asked. In programming, I was given 2 unsorted arrays and was asked to merge the array and return it in ascending order (basically I was asked to implement the sorting algorithm of my choice with the best time complexity). 2nd programming question was related to array manipulation ( codeforces B level difficulty medium). This round was concluded after a short discussion about databases and NoSQL database.

Round 4 (MANAGERIAL): This round was basically focused on the core subject-related questions. In this round, the manager firstly introduced himself, then I was asked deep technical questions about my projects and their scalability. I was asked to upsolve the possible challenges that may occur in my project’s models. After this, I was asked to design a (high-level design) tinyurl website (hashing techniques can be useful to explain this concept). Core subject questions were also targeted such as DBMS, networking, DNR-related questions, Operating system-related questions were also asked.

This round concluded with a brief discussion about the company and its products.

After the final round, 4 students were selected for full-time offer. Luckily, I was among the 4 selected students.

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